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Sonya Dinsdale

Executive Assistant to Dean Perrin

Phone: 801-581-8537

Karen Paisley

Karen Paisley, PhD

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College Of Health

Phone: 801-587-9617

Headshot of faculty member Julie Fritz

Julie M. Fritz, PT, PhD, ATC, FAPTA

Associate Dean for Research College of Health, Distinguished Professor

Phone: 801-581-6297

Shari Lindsey

Shari Lindsey

Assistant Dean of Students

Phone: 801-585-5764

Robin White

Robin White Holt

Assistant Dean for Finance

Phone: 801-581-8391

julie Metos

Julie M. Metos

Professor (Lecturer), Nutrition & Integrative Physiology; Associate Dean for Community Engagement

Phone: (801) 587-3024

Lorraine Brown

Lorraine Brown

Administrative Officer

Phone: 801-581-8379

Pattie O'Kane

Pattie O'Kane

Grants & Contracts Officer

Phone: 801-581-9657

Bill Keashler

Bill Keshlear

Communications Specialist

Phone: 801-587-0884

Courtney Garay

Courtney Garay

Development Director

Phone: 801-585-3205

Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams

Communications & Development Assistant

Phone: 801-587-7374

Steven Seal

Steven Seal

Information Technology Manager

Phone: 801-587-6000, Option 2

Kyle Leete

Kyle Leete

IT Specialist

Phone: 801-587-6000, Option 2

Mateus Beltrao

Mateus Beltrao

Human Resources Analyst

Phone: 801-587-7116

Alex Larson

Alex Larson

Web Content Specialist

Phone: 801-213-1220

Faculty placeholder image

Danielle Holliday

PS Manager, Connect2Health

Phone: 801-213-0945

Aaron Sparks

Aaron Sparks

Financial Analyst

Phone: 801-213-0840

Wendy A. Speers

Wendy Speers

Grants Accounting Officer

Phone: 801-213-0887

Colin O'Connor

Colin Glen O'Connor

Facilities and Natatorium Manager

Phone: 801-585-0866

Robin L. Marcus

Robin L. Marcus, PT, PhD, OCS, FAPTA

Adjunct Associate Professor, Adjunct Associate Professor, Professor

Phone: 801-581-4813