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Department of Nutrition & Integrative Physiology (NUIP)

Welcome to the Department of

Nutrition & Integrative Physiology (NUIP)



Our department houses an active group of researchers, educators, and trainees dedicated to understanding how maintenance of metabolic health combats the development and progression of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

We maintain active engagement with other programs within University of Utah Health and endeavor to translate new research findings into clinical procedures and community outreach programs that improve quality of life. We welcome you to peruse our website to get a sense of the breadth of our research interests, degree programs, and outreach initiatives.


  • Understand the metabolic underpinnings of chronic disease
  • Produce the next generation of exceptional registered dietitians and research scholars
  • Address systemic issues of health inequity to reduce health disparities
  • Apply rigorous evidence-based standards to improve interdisciplinary health care
Nutrition & Integrative Physiology

Letter From the Chair

Built thematically around the topic of “translational metabolic health,” our researchers, clinicians, educators, and trainees are dedicated to understanding how nutrient homeostasis influences the development and progression of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer...

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Scott Summers

Scott A. Summers, PhD

Professor and Chair - Nutrition & Integrative Physiology / Co-Director - Diabetes and Metabolism Research Center

Nutrition & Integrative Physiology

2021 Annual Newsletter

Find out about recent department activities and what's happening with the NUIP Faculty, Staff and Students


Celebrating our second PhD graduates

CMP Student Again Stellar on RD Exam

Our Very Own Dr. Scott Summer's Becomes New Presidential Endowed Chair

Mary Playdon Joins 5 for the Fight

Play "Symons Says"

UUCCN addressing Food Insecurity and Nutrition Education During the Pandemic

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NUIP Newsletter

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