All letters of recommendation requests from students must have written permission from the student to release personal information. A release form is available at: Authors of recommendation letters should keep this form on file for a minimum of one year.

There are several College of Health scholarship opportunities available to prospective and current students. Individuals interested in applying for a scholarship should download the applications on this site and provide all the necessary information required. For department/division-specific scholarships visit the respective department/division website.


Available Scholarships:


Each scholarship in the College of Health, requires a separate scholarship application cover sheet, statement, letters of recommendation, and other required documentation.  Attach one sided documents (DARS reports should also be printed one sided) with a (one) large paperclip or binder clip. Please do not staple. Expensive portfolio covers and mailers are not necessary, they will be discarded.

Deliver personally or mail scholarship application, letters of recommendation, and materials to: University Of Utah, Sorenson Legacy Foundation for Student Success, ATTN. Lorraine Brown, 250 South 1850 East, Room 200, HPR N, Salt Lake City, Utah  84112-0920.

Contact Us

Shari Lindsey

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Phone: 801-585-5764


Lorraine Brown

Administrative Officer

Phone: 801-581-8379


For scholarship questions please contact: Shari Lindsey or Lorraine Brown

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