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Whatever your reason for giving, the College of Health is only as good as our supporters. Every contribution is meaningful and impactful. Whether you give a one-time gift or make a recurring donation, your generosity opens doors for students, advances innovative research, expands educational programs, and provides quality care to historically marginalized communities.

Why Do U Give?

"To show our support and enthusiasm for the next generation of professionals."

"If it helps one kid, it’s worth it."

"College of Health research makes a difference in the world, and I can be just a tiny part of that."

  •  “Giving just a little bit can add up. I think I’ve given as much as I can because I feel like I know it makes a difference. If it helps one kid to graduate while struggling to balance work and school, then it’s worth it.” 

    ~Elaine Erler, Exercise & Sport Science Alum, 1998~

  • "We donate to the College of Health as a way to show our support and enthusiasm for the next generation of physical therapists.  We hope to impact the lives of students by helping them know we’re rooting for them and for their contribution to health care."

    ~Dana Denton, Physical Therapy Alum, 1998~

  • “I realized that [researchers] are going to make a difference in this world. I feel certain, and if I can just be a tiny part of that, I would be thrilled…I thought it would be wonderful if I could help some of the graduate research assistants. I know I’m just a small cog in the wheel, but I’m so grateful that I get to be a part of it.”

    ~Jan Bayle, Food & Nutrition Alum, 1977~

Recent graduate Amery Kongphouthakoun shares her giving story

Your Gift Changes Lives

We’re in the wellness business here at the College of Health, and it’s truly life changing work. For some of our students, scholarships are a lifeline to completing a college degree and beginning that work. And scholarships aren’t possible without your financial support. Thank you for giving back to the next generation of health professionals and making the future healthier for all. 

Your contributions help us change health for the better

You are an essential partner in accomplishing our mission. Where would you like to make an impact?

The College of Health prepares health professionals and human movement specialists, who improve the quality of life for the patients and individuals receiving care.  Our mission “More Health, Less Medicine” is leading the complex shift in health care from primarily caring for the sick to keeping people healthy, fit, and resilient. We develop and implement innovative science and educating the next generation of practitioners and researchers.

Give to the College of Health

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    Have questions?

    If you are interested in making a donation towards a specific scholarship or have any questions regarding our scholarship programs, please contact our Director of Advancement, Anna Tibbitts.