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Valuable Student Resources

Community Resources, U are not alone

* University Confidential Resources

University Resources, Support is always available if you believe you're the victim of interpersonal violence

* University Confidential Resources

Academic Resources

Tips on Course Planning

  • Degree audit tutorials - Use your degree audit at least twice a semester to track all requirements for graduation.
  • Class schedules (main campus) and academic calendar - Registrar Office. Best indication if a class will be offered in a certain semester, is if it was offered that same semester the previous year. Not a guarantee until official schedules are released.
  • Check if a class has prerequisites – pull it up on the main campus schedule and click class details for more information.
  • View grades of a class from previous semesters
  • Meet with your advisor regularly, they're here to help you.  Schedule early, to reserve the date and time you can meet.  Appointments fill up quickly.
  • Think long term – do your graduate program or career plans require specific classes or experiences? How do they overlap with your major?
  • Registration tutorials

Academic Support

Long Term Planning

Transfer Credit Evaluations for UofU Equivalency, Detail what you are petitioning for and why. Requires course syllabus.

Permission Codes, Likely needed to register if your pre-requisites to a class are from a transfer credit or you received a CR grade in SPRING or SUMMER semesters.

  • BIOL
  • CHEM
  • MATH
  • PHYS
  • KINES: Email KINES professor from UMail to request a permission code. Include copy of your degree audit or transcript to show proof of prerequisites. Make sure to reference which section of the class you want. Please note that once a class is full it is unlikely a professor will grant a code.  In such case, you need to ask the professor if you can be placed on a waiting list, should student(s) drop.

Emotional Resilience Resources

Need more help?

Our advisors are happy to help. You can find yours based on the department your degree is in.