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Scholarships Available to College of Health (COH) Majors

Scholarships are part of your total financial aid package; unlike a loan, scholarships don't need to be paid back.  Scholarship donors may direct how the money is to be used. Application requirements and deadlines differ based on the individual scholarships. 


Scholarships are awarded in spring, for the following academic year. 

Scholarship awards, also require students to be enrolled full time, the following, academic year.

Visit the general application for all COH scholarships and deadlines.


  • College of Health General Application
    • College of Health Advancement Board
    • Dr. Lane and Paula Childs Scholarship
    • John and Linda Dunn Scholarship
    • J. George Jones Jr. and Velma Rife Jones Scholarship
    • Richard K. and Maria A. Obyn Memorial Scholarship
    • Educational Resource Development Council (ERDC) scholarship
    • Iron Will Scholarship
    • Kelly and Graham Reeve Scholarship

Minimum Eligibility

Students must meet eligibility for scholarship opportunities available within the College of Health. Applicants must be enrolled in a major within the College of Health. Pre-majors will not be accepted. If the scholarship recipient changes majors within the College of Health, the scholarship will not be affected. If the scholarship recipient changes majors to a discipline outside the College of Health, he or she forfeits the remainder of the scholarship. Applications will be disqualified if not submitted correctly, completely, and timely.

Department specific scholarships

Letters of Recommendation

For scholarships requiring letters of recommendation, please fill out and submit the "Letter of Recommendation Release" form before requesting a letter from a University Employee.  Ensure the form is filled out and the request is made with enough time for the recommendation to be completed before the application deadline (refer to the deadlines listed in the AcademicWorks application system).

Application Instructions

  1. Make sure you meet minimum eligibility (See above).
  2. Go to the scholarship application portal.
  3. You will be redirected to the University's scholarship application site.
  4. Once on the site you will see the scholarship details.
  5. Click the red "Sign In" button at the top right (button will be at the bottom on mobile devices).
  6. Click the red "Sign In With Your Utah Account" button in the middle of the screen.
  7. Fill out the general scholarship application. You may save information and return to the application if needed.
  8. Once completed hit submit.
  9. After submitting the general application use the search field to find the COH scholarship you want to apply for.
  10. Submit the " Letter of Recommendation Release" form before requesting a letter of recommendation from a University Employee. Please, give enough time for the form to be processed and the employee to write a letter before the deadline.
  11. Application and Letter(s) of Recommendation deadline by close of the business day, 5:00 p.m.


We would like to thank our scholarship donors

Thanks to their generous gift, numerous students are able to fulfill their academic dreams.

Scholarship Name/Contribute

  • College of Health Advancement Board Scholarship
  • Dr. Lane and Paula Childs Scholarship 
  • John and Linda Dunn Scholarship 
  • J. George Jones Jr. and Velma Rife Jones Scholarship 
  • Richard K. and Maria A. Obyn Memorial Scholarship 
  • (College of Health) Educational Resource Development Council (ERDC) Scholarship 
  • Iron Will Scholarship
  • Kelly and Graham Reeve Scholarship

If you are interested in helping the College of Health, please consider donating; or, if you are interested in contributing to these or other scholarships please contact Carolyn Buma, 801-585-3205.

Contact us with scholarship questions

Lorraine Brown

Administrative Officer

Phone: 801-581-8379