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Community EMT Scholarship


A generous donor has created a scholarship to assist disadvantaged individuals to work toward a career in Emergency Medical Services. The scholarship will cover expenses through the first attempt at the national certification exam. The goal is to assist persons who may be moving from job to job to find stability as an EMS professional. Disadvantaged is defined broadly and includes lack of or inferior schooling, financial challenges, family requirements and other factors that may be preventing an individual from taking this training on their own.


  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • To be certified/licensed as an EMT you must pass a background check and drug screening. If you cannot pass these, please do not apply.
  • Basic reading and writing skills.
  • Adequate ability to speak English language to communicate with patients and medical care providers.
  • Must meet physical requirements to perform as an EMT including but not limited to, lifting, balance, moving, sight and hearing.
  • Demonstration of knowledge and skills throughout the class to meet standards for recommendation for certification testing. This is based on National EMS Education Standards and is determined by the course coordinator and medical control physician.

For questions on requirements contact Les Chatelain at or (801) 581-8114.

Financial Support

This scholarship covers:

  • Non-credit tuition and fees.
  • Utah State and National Registry of EMTs application and testing fee.
    • This applies to initial test and University sponsored skills testing
  • Required immunizations for certification.
  • Criminal background check.
  • Drug screening.
  • Two student shirts. 

Application Process

Complete and send in the written application. Click here to print or download the application. Finalists will be interviewed to choose who receives the scholarship.