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Admission Mission Statement

The Department of Nutrition and Integrative Physiology is committed to training leaders in dietetics and nutrition and metabolism research. Our programs impart knowledge in a culture that fosters teamwork, professionalism, and compassion, producing exceptional graduates who are prepared to improve the lives of all members of our society. To achieve these aims, we admit individuals from a broad variety of backgrounds and experiences who display academic excellence, community service, and leadership potential. Applicants are evaluated on a wide range of criteria, including academic performance, personal statements, life experiences and extracurricular activities. As a result of this holistic admissions process, we recruit a diverse class of students and create a dynamic learning environment that prepares graduates to serve all sectors of our communities.

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Graduate Programs

PhD in Nutrition & Integrated Physiology

Our department launched its inaugural PhD program in August of 2016. The rigorous program trains research scientists and academic scholars on the fundamentals of translational bioscience, enabling them to take research findings from bench-to-bedside.

The degree, which can be include an emphasis in either (a) Nutrition or (b) Integrative Physiology, takes four to five years to complete and culminates with the development of a written thesis and oral dissertation defense.

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Coordinated Master’s Degree in Nutrition

The Coordinated Master’s Program (CMP) develops entry level registered dietitian nutritionists who are prepared to practice clinical and community nutrition and advance the science and practice of dietetics in the fields of:

  1. Nutrition Education and Research 
  2. Sports Nutrition.

The program take two years to complete and will prepare graduates of all tracks and concentrations to progress to leadership roles in nutrition and dietetics. Graduates of this program, which is accredited by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics, have an exceptionally high pass rate on the national exam for registered dietitians.

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MS Only, Non-RDN pathway

Our MS Only, Non-RDN pathway in Nutrition Science enrolls students with undergraduate degrees in dietetics, health science, or a related area. The online program provides advanced education in nutritional biochemistry, macro- and micro-nutrient metabolism, and research methods.

The flexibility and accessibility of online classes allows students already working in various health fields to continue to meet their professional commitments while they improve their nutrition knowledge and skills.

The program is designed for students that are bachelor's trained dietitians, but would also be available for graduates of other degree programs with a general interest in the topic area.

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MS Degree with an Emphasis in Physiology

MS Degree with an Emphasis in Nutrition

MS Degree Online with an Emphasis in Nutrition

Alternative Degree Options

Exceptional students with a clinical focus may also ask about completing the CMP requirements along with their PhD, allowing them to ultimately obtain dual PhD/RD credentials.

Options are also available for students to earn a research-based MS degree with emphasis in either:

  •    a. Nutrition or
  •    b. Integrated physiology.

Undergraduate Program

Minor in Nutrition

Our program supports students in other degree programs earning a minor in nutrition. The Sorenson Legacy Center for Student Success provides advising on curriculum requirements for this program.

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