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This is a research-based program in which students are expected to complete an M.S. thesis that contributes to the body of knowledge in their field of study. Department policy states that there is a 4-year time limit on completing the M.S. program.

This program is characterized by coursework that mirrors the PhD program tracks, but with a reduced research requirement, which is met by completing 6-10 hours of thesis research that results in a peer-reviewed publication.

38 minimum credits required, 6 minimum - 10 maximum credits must be from NUIP 6970 Thesis Research

  • Students should NOT EXCEED 11 credits per semester.
  • Students should NOT EXCEED 10 NUIP 6970 credits in their program.
  • All NUIP 6970 and 6900 courses are graded on a Credit/No Credit basis. 

Expected Learning Outcomes

All program graduates will demonstrate a mastery of key concepts in the following areas: research design, statistical analysis, scientific writing, macronutrient metabolism, and general metabolic physiology. Specific learning outcomes are:

  1. Demonstrate a mastery of key concepts in physiology, nutrition, and metabolism as they relate to health and disease conditions.
  2. Critically evaluate, integrate, and apply scientific information gained through literature and laboratory discovery into their own research applications.
  3. Effectively communicate nutrition information using written reports, professional presentations, multimedia approaches, and technical research formats.
  4. Recognize the value of professional, academic, and scientific ethics.
  5. Exhibit basic research skills, including hypothesis testing, experimental design, and technical laboratory that will allow students to understand, participate, and conduct biomedical research.

"It has been an amazing journey full of learning and interacting with amazing professors and students in the NUIP department. I will cherish these moments for life."

~Chukwuemeka Uzo, M.S.

"These two years have brought so many sweet study groups, inspiring projects, and new lab skills. I am so excited to enter the industry, grounded in the evidence-based holistic knowledge NUIP has provided me."

~Molly Buccola, M.S.

Contact Us

Thunder Jalili, PhD

Director of Graduate Studies

Carisse Winegar

Program Manager - Academics