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Nutrition & Integrative Physiology Tenure Track Faculty

Sihem Boudina, PhD

Professor, Nutrition & Integrative Physiology 

(Office) 801-585-6833

EIHG, Room 3410B

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Obesity, Cardiovascular Disease, Autophagy, Adipose Progenitors, Oxidative Stress, Mitochondria

TEACHING INTERESTS: Metabolic Regulation, Cardiovascular Physiology, Energy Balance



Amandine Chaix, PhD

Assistant Professor - Nutrition & Integrative Physiology 

(Office) 801-646-4839

EIHG, Room 3140

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Circadian Rhythms, Circadian Clock, Aging, Cardiometabolic Health, Metabolism, Nutrient Sensing, Diet Interventions, Time-Restricted Feeding, Body Weight Balance, Energy Expenditure, Mitochondrial Energetics



Katsu Funai, PhD

Associate Professor - Nutrition & Integrative Physiology

(Office) 801-585-1781

EIHG, Room 3240B

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Metabolism, Obesity, Diabetes, Mitochondria, Energy efficiency, Membrane Phospholipids, Exercise, Insulin sensitivity, Thermogenesis, Fatty-liver disease, Muscle, Kidney Diseases, Redox Biology, Lipid Peroxidation




William Holland, PhD

Assistant Professor - Nutrition & Integrative Physiology / Adjunct Assistant Professor - Internal Medicine

(Office) 801-581-3688

EIHG, Room 3110

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Diabetes, Adiponectin, Metabolic Disease, Sphingolipids, Ceramide, Insulin Resistance, Beta Cell Failure, Metabolism, Type 2 Diabetes, Mellitus, Adipose, Adipokines, Glucose, Inflammation, Nutrition, Metabolism, Translational Glucagon, Appetite, Satiety, Obesity


Thunder Jalili, PhD

Professor, Director of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies - Nutrition & Integrative Physiology

(Office) 801-585-0399

HPER N, Room 224F

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Cardiovascular Disease, Phytochemicals, Diabetes, Metabolism

TEACHING INTERESTS: Undergraduate Nutrition, Health, and Metabolism, Macronutrient Metabolism, Nutrition for Chronic Disease Prevention, Cellular Nutrient Metabolism



Kristine Jordan, PhD, MPH, RD

Associate Professor, Associate Chair - Nutrition & Integrative Physiology / Health Advisor - Osher Center for Integrative Health

(Office) 801-585-3218

HPER N, Room 213

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Clinical Nutrition, Community Nutrition, Dietary Assessment, Health Promotion, Pediatric Nutrition, Wellness Programming

TEACHING INTERESTS: Active Learning, Case Studies, Problem-solving Skills, Simulations, Team-Based Learning




Jim Martin, PhD

Associate Professor - Nutrition & Integrative Physiology

(Office) 801-587-7704

HPER W, Room 122

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Neuromuscular Function, Biomechanics, Muscular Power, Fatigue, Modeling






Mary Playdon, PhD, MPH

Assistant Professor - Nutrition & Integrative Physiology / University of Utah Investigator / Huntsman Cancer Institute

(Office) 801-213-6264

HCI Research South, Room 4511

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Diet, Nutrition, Cancer, Metabolism, Metabolomics, Biomarkers

TEACHING INTERESTS: Nutritional and Cancer Epidemiology





Anandh Babu Pon Velayutham, PhD

Associate Professor - Nutrition & Integrative Physiology

(Office) 801-581-8376

HPER N Room 224C

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Dietary Flavonoids, Berry Anthocyanins, Diet Derived Metabolites, Vascular Diseases, Endothelial Inflammation, Endothelial Function, Gut Microbiome, Atherosclerois, Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome

TEACHING INTERESTS: Macronutrient Metabolism, Nutrition Biochemistry, Nutrition and Health

Russell Richardson, PhD

Professor - Internal Medicine, Kinesiology, Nutrition & Integrative Physiology

(Office) 801-582-1565

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Vascular biology, muscle metabolism, aging, age-related disease, and mobility











Scott A. Summers, PhD

Distinguished Professor and Chair - Nutrition & Integrative Physiology / Co-Director - Diabetes and Metabolism Research Center / William J. Rutter, PhD, Presidential Endowed Chair of Biochemistry

(Office) 801-587-7628

EIHG, Room 3110B

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Metabolism, Lipotoxicity, Lipid Metabolism, Ceramides, Metabolic Syndrom

TEACHING INTERESTS: Metabolic Basis of Disease, Research Communication






J. David Symons, PhD

Professor - Nutrition & Integrative Physiology / Adjunct Professor - Endocrinology, Metabolism, and Diabetes / Investigator - Molecular Medicine Program

(Phone) 435-659-7805

EIHG, Room 3420

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Determining the impact of: (i) aging; (ii) endothelial cell autophagy; (iii) sphingolipid metabolism; (iv) polyphenolic compounds; (v) the intestinal microbiome; (vi) disturbed flow associated with arteriovenous fistula development; and (vii) acute and chronic exercise, on endothelial cell metabolism. Preclinical and clinical experimental models are used.

TEACHING INTERESTS: Cardiovascular Physiology, Vascular Physiology, Endothelial Cell Metabolism, Exercise Physiology