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Research & Discovery

Nutrition & Integrative Physiology


Our scientists use a variety of research techniques and model systems to understand now nutrient metabolism influences health and disease, bridging virtually all of the sciences which study human biology (e.g. anatomy, biochemistry, epidemiology, genetics, etc.).

Our program resides within University of Utah Health which maintains outstanding core facilities and a robust Center for Clinical and Translational Science.

Many of our faculty members maintain joint or adjunct appointments with the:

Prospective PhD Students

Faculty Mentors

The first step in obtaining entry into the NUIP Doctoral program, is identifying a faculty mentor. Students must contact prospective mentors for a letter of support that expresses a willingness to support the candidate’s research and stipend. This letter will then be either emailed to or uploaded in the "Post Submission" section of the ApplyYourself portal. If your application is missing this letter of support, your application will not be reviewed and admission denied. 

Once support is obtained, candidates must then be admitted by the Graduate School and the Department of Nutrition & Integrative Physiology. 


The Department of Nutrition & Integrative Physiology may provide a code to waive the application fee for those applicants who provide us with a letter of support from identified mentor. Please send letter of support to to receive waiver code.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: January 1st 11:59 PM | Mountain Time




Boudina, Sihem PhD Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Insulin Resistance, Mitochondria BOUDINA LAB
Chaix, Amandine, PhD Circadian Rhythms, Circadian Clock, Dietary Interventions, Time-Restricted Feeding, Metabolism, Cardiometabolic Disease, Nutrient Sensing CHAIX LAB
Holland, William PhD Diabetes, Adiponectin, Metabolic disease, Sphingolipids, Ceramide, Insulin Resistance, Beta Cell Failure, Metabolism, Type 2 Diabetes, Mellitus, Adipose, Adipokines, Glucose, Inflammation, Nutrition, Metabolism, Translational Research, Glucagon, Appetite, Satiety, Obesity HOLLAND LAB
Jalili, Thunder PhD Heart, Nutrition, Flavonoids, Metabolism, Type 2 Diabetes, Vascular, Insulin Resistance  
Jordan, Kristine PhD, RD Clinical Nutrition, Dietary Assessment, Nutrition Informatics, Obesity Prevention, Pediatric Nutrition  
Martin, Jim PhD Neuromuscular function, Biomechanics, Muscular power, Fatigue, Modeling  
Metos, Julie PhD, RD Community Engagement, Obesity Prevention, Diabetes Prevention, Adolescent Health, Public Health Nutrition  
Playdon, Mary PhD, MPH Diet, Nutrition, Cancer, Metabolism, Metabolomics, Biomarkers ULRICH GROUP
Pon Velayutham, Anandh PhD Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, Atherosclerosis, Vascular Disease, Dietary Flavonoids, Nutrition, Inflammation, Berry Anthocyanins, Gut Microbiome, Diet Derived Metabolites  
Richardson, Russ PhD Vascular biology, Muscle Metabolism, Aging, Age-Related Disease, and Mobility UVRL
Summers, Scott PhD Diabetes, Dyslipidemia, Metabolic Disease, Sphingolipids, Ceramide, Insulin Resistance, Beta Cell Failure SUMMERS LAB
Symons, J. David PhD Diabetes, Metabolic Disease, Atherosclerosis, Vascular Function, Blood Pressure, Endothelial Cell Metabolism, Autophagy, Aging, Sphingolipid Metabolism, Cell Biology, Signal Transduction, Exercise, Nutrition, Metabolism, Translational Research  
Adams, Ted, PhD Metabolic Disease, Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Obesity, Bariatric Surgery, Genetics of Obesity  
Amann, Markus PhD Autonomic Control, Neuroscience, Fatigue, Cardiovascular Physiology UVRL
Donato, Anthony PhD Aging, Arteries, Microcirculation, Atherosclerosis, Inflammation, Oxidative Stress, Genomic Instability, Novel Therapeutics TVP LAB
Drummond, Micah PhD Aging, Muscle, Rehab, Protein, Inactivity, Exercise, Metabolism, Insulin Resistance, Atrophy, Hypertrophy, Cell Singaling, Clinical DRUMMOND LAB
Funai, Katsu PhD Metabolism, Obesity, Diabetes, Mitochondria, Energy efficiency, Membrane Phospholipids, Exercise, Insulin sensitivity, Thermogenesis, Fatty-liver disease, Muscle  
Joss-Moore, Lisa PhD Fetal Lung Development, Lipid Driven Signaling Pathways, Epigenetics, Placenta, Fetal Growth  
Kishore, BK MD, PhD, MBA Renal Physiology, Pathophysiology and Experimental Therapeutics, NDI and Diet-Induced Obesity ePURINES, Inc.
Lai, Kent PhD Inborn Errors of Metabolism (IEM), Therapeutic Development, Rare Diseases, Animal Models, Galactosemia, Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation (CDG), Infertility/Subfertility, Cerebellar Ataxia PEDIATRICS LAI LAB
Lesniewski, Lisa PhD Aging, Obesity, Arteries, Atherosclerosis, Insulin Resistance, Inflammation TVPLAB
Rutter, Jared PhD Metabolic Control, Eukaryotic Mitochondrial, Cellular Behaviors, Metabolic Pathways RUTTER LAB
Schlegel, Amnon MD, PhD Alpha Cell, Diabetes, Dyslipidemia, Energy Metabolism, Glucagon, Glucose, Metabolism, Type 2 diabetes mellitus, Nutrition, Nutrition, Metabolism, Translational Research, Transcriptional Regulation SCHLEGEL LAB
Trinity, Joel PhD Exercise, Vascular Function, Inactivity, Hypertension, Aging, Mitochondria, Oxidative Stress, Blood Flow, Nitric Oxide  
Wray, D. Walter PhD Vascular Function, Heart Failure, Hypertension, Exercise Physiology, Autonomic Physiology, Sympathetic Nervous System, Oxidative Stress, Nitric Oxide, Blood Flow Regulation, Rehabilitative Medicine UVRL
Yang, Tianxin PhD   YANG LAB

 Note: The above faculty members may also serve as members of PhD committees