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Nutrition & Integrative Physiology

Admission Mission Statement

The Department of Nutrition and Integrative Physiology is committed to training clinical and research leaders in dietetics, nutrition, and metabolism investigations. Our programs impart knowledge in a culture that fosters teamwork, professionalism, and compassion, producing exceptional graduates who are prepared to improve the lives of all members of our society. To achieve these aims, we admit individuals from a broad variety of backgrounds and experiences who display academic excellence, community service, and leadership potential. NUIP evaluates applicants on a wide range of criteria, including academic performance, personal statements, life experiences, and extracurricular activities. Using this holistic admissions process, we strive to recruit a diverse class of students and create a dynamic learning environment that prepares graduates to serve all sectors of our communities.

Nutrition & Integrative Physiology PHD

Application Deadline

Our mission is to train professionals who are prepared to conduct scientific research exploring the physiological, molecular, and behavioral aspects of nutrition and metabolic health, and our faculty are leaders in discovery and dissemination of new knowledge in these areas. Through interdisciplinary education and research, our program prepares students to advance scientific discovery and disseminate the latest findings to the public by way of professional publications, classroom education and community outreach.

The broad program goals are the following:

  1. Train research scientists and academic scholars on the fundamentals of translational bioscience, enabling them to take research findings from bench-to-bedside.
  2. Prepare graduates of all tracks and concentrations with the skills necessary to assume leadership roles in the professional community.

December 1st

International and domestic 


Send inquiry to the Director of Graduate Studies, Thunder Jalili BY NOVEMBER 15th


    1. The first and most essential step in obtaining entry into the NUIP doctoral program is identifying a faculty mentor. Students must ask prospective mentors for a letter of support that expresses a willingness to support the candidate’s research and stipend.
    2. Completed a bachelor’s or master’s degree in nutrition, physiology, or a related field in the health sciences (e.g. biology, chemistry, etc.) and a strong interest in research, teaching, and service in the discipline.
    3. Completed all the required prerequisites.
    4. Submit a complete application via the FutureU portal by the deadline.
    5. Finally, candidates must be admitted by the Graduate School and the Department of Nutrition & Integrative Physiology.

    The prerequisite course numbers provided are from the University of Utah. Equivalent courses from accredited institutions are accepted. To confirm course equivalency, contact our Director of Graduate Studies, Thunder Jalili, for a transcript review.

    REQUIRED University of Utah Course Topic Credits
    Biology BIOL 1610 Principles of Biology 4
    BIOL 2420 Human Physiology 4
    Chemistry CHEM 1210+1215 General Chemistry I + Lab 4 + 1
    CHEM 1220 General Chemistry II + Lab 4 + 1
    CHEM 2310+2315 Organic Chemistry I + Lab  4 + 1
    CHEM 3510 Biological Chemistry I 3
    Math MATH 1050 College Algebra 4
    REQUIRED for Nutrition Emphasis
      NUIP 1020 or NUIP 4440 Introductory or Advanced Nutrition 3 or 4
    STORNGLY Recommended for all Programs
      BIOL 2020 Principles of Cell Biology 3
      CHEM 2320+2325 Organic Chemistry II + Lab 4 + 1
      CHEM 3515 Biological Chemistry Laboratory 3
      CHEM 3520 Biological Chemistry II 3
      WRTG 2010 Intermediate Writing: Research and Inquiry 4
    1. A minimum of 1 credit of chemistry lab is required.
    2. CHEM 3510 and NUIP 4440 MUST have been completed within the last five (5) years.

    Students admitted lacking one or more prerequisites must complete them before matriculation. Please note that undergraduate courses do not count toward graduate credit hour requirements.

    NUIP PhD program has a rolling admission process and will accept applications at any time for either Fall or Spring semester entry. To be guaranteed admission for the Fall semester, however, prospective students should submit a complete application prior to December 1st. Note, the application requires the inclusion of a letter from a prospective research mentor willing to supervise and support the student’s thesis research.

    Applications are submitted using the Graduate School FutureU portal:

    The Department of Nutrition & Integrative Physiology may provide a code to waive the application fee for those applicants who provide us with a letter of support from an identified mentor. Upload the letter to the "Additional Materials" section in the FutureU portal and send a copy of the letter of support to to receive the waiver code.



      Obtain a letter from NUIP faculty mentor expressing a willingness to support the candidate's research and stipend. Once letter is collected, uploaded in the "Additional Materials" section of the FutureU portal. If your application is missing this letter of support, your application will not be reviewed. 


      Ensure all professional memberships, professional publications and conference paper presentations, internship experiences, and civic/volunteer activities are included on your CV


      (less than 1000 words) about research experience, interests, and long-term career goals.



      • Official Institution letterhead
      • Handwritten signature 

      Add recommendation providers at the beginning of your application process, to provide an ample amount of time for submission. Each online recommender is given an access code that is valid for 180 days. LoR(s) are due by the application deadline of December 1st.


      List all required and recommended courses completed prior to the beginning of the program. Also, enter prerequisite equivalency with any additional details, and the specific prerequisite course requirement this fulfills. 

      Equivalent courses from accredited institutions are accepted. Contact Thunder Jalili, Nutrition & Integrative Physiology Director of Graduate Studies, at for a transcript review to confirm course equivalency. 


      Test of Spoken English (TSE), is required only for those whose native language is not English. Test dates must fall within two years of submitting your application and paying your application fee to be valid. The Admission Office cannot use expired test scores to evaluate the English proficiency requirement.

      • TOEFL: 80 or higher
      • IELTS: 6.5 or higher

      Enter your scores in the "Test Scores" application section. Your scores are verified by international admission when they receive the official scores

      Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) exam - arrange for your most recent scores to be sent electronically to the University of Utah (School code: 4853). Department code is not necessary. The TOEFL score is preferred but we also accept the IELTS test scores. IELTS scores must be sent to your testing center to the University of Utah, Admission Office electronically.

      Find out more on how applicants can demonstrate English proficiency


      There are two essential steps to submitting transcripts:

      1. Send official transcripts directly to the University of Utah Admissions Office (students will not be permitted to continue their enrollment until all official transcripts are received by the Office of Admissions)
      2. Upload a copy (official or unofficial are accepted) to your application portal

      Both steps must be completed before the application deadline. If you skip a either step it will delay the processing of our application, and may  result in your application being dismissed not reviewed. 


      Official printed transcripts can be dropped off in a closed envelope sealed with adhesive at the International Admissions service window in the Student Services Building (SSB) or mailed to:

      The University of Utah
      Office of Admissions
      201 South 1460 East, Room 250S
      Salt Lake City, UT 84112 USA

      Accepted electronic transcript services:

      !!When requesting your transcripts using any of these services, please use the email (DO NOT send official transcripts via email or fax, as they will not be accepted)!!

      If you are an international student, please visit the International Admissions Office website.

      For other questions about sending transcripts to the University of Utah and to determine if your transcript has been received, contact our graduate admissions team at or 801-581-8761.

      •    Admission Office (801) 581-8761 
      •    University of Utah Admissions Office, 201 S. 1460 E. RM 250-S, Salt Lake City, UT 84112-9057

      In the "Academic History" section, click on "Add Institution" and fill in all the information in the pop-up box, then select "Choose File" to upload a PDF or Scanned Pages of your transcripts (unofficial or official are accepted). All transcripts submitted with your application are considered unofficial and are used for department initial review and is a separate process from the transcripts that you sent directly to the Admissions Office. 

      For more information on international application documents, please visit the International Admissions Office website.


      The non-refundable graduate application fee is $55 for domestic applicants and $65 for international applicants. The application fee must be paid in order to consider your application complete.

      Applications are submitted using the Graduate School FutureU portal 

      GRADUATE RECORD EXAM (GRE) (School code: 4853 Dept. code: 0214) taken within the past five years
      SUPPORTING EVIDENCE (e.g. publications, research papers, and awards) uploaded in the "Academic History" section of the FutureU portal. 


      Contact Us

      Thunder Jalili, PhD

      Director of Graduate Studies

      Carisse Winegar

      Program Manager - Academics