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Coordinated Master’s Degree Program (CMP)


We are a coordinated program at the Master's level which allows students to complete coursework and supervised practice simultaneously. Consequently, students circumvent the DICAS process. Students must have completed at least a bachelor's degree and completed program prerequisites. Upon graduation, Coordinated Master's Program (CMP) students are granted a Master's in Science degree and awarded a verification statement enabling them to take the registration examination for dietitians. 



The Coordinated Master's Program (CMP) develops entry level registered dietitian nutritionists who are prepared to practice in diverse settings. We take a multifaceted approach to education by facilitating high-quality experiential learning, community engagement, research, and professional development. Further, we aim to prepare graduates who will advance the field of dietetics, enhance health and prevent chronic disease, and translate research into real-world solutions.


The CMP goals and objectives are as follows:

  1. The program will prepare graduates to be innovative leaders who advance the fields of Nutrition Education & Research and Sports Nutrition with professionalism.

  2. The program will prepare graduates who are committed to improving nutrition outcomes for all by demonstrating cultural humility and evidence-based practices.

The CMP takes two years to complete. Graduates of this program, accredited by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics, have a high pass rate on the national exam for registered dietitians.


For specific program objectives for the CMP program, see the CMP Handbook (PDF).


As of 2022, 91.4% of our graduates passed the Commission on Dietetic Registration RDN credentialing exam on their first attempt within the previous 5 years, ranking our program in the 90th percentile nationally. In 2022, 100% of program students completed degree requirements and 100% of graduates surveyed reported being employed in nutrition and dietetics within one year of graduation.

Program outcomes data are available upon request.


  • Assessment for prior learning for supervised practice will be done individually. A request for evaluation must be submitted in writing to the CMP Director. The assessment will be based on the knowledge or competency learned,  not on the number of hours spent in the experience,  determining the number of supervised practice hours that are waived. In addition, the student will need to provide evidence in the form of a portfolio of work showing that the competencies were met. A review panel consisting of the CMP Director and two CMP administrative faculty members will review the request and provide a written response to the student within one month of receipt.
  • Students may submit a written appeal to the review panel’s decision to the NUIP Associate Chair if they disagree with the outcome.  The NUIP Associate Chair will reply within one month of receipt of the appeal. Typically, the CMP does not accept prior coursework to replace the CMP curriculum as counting towards program requirements. Upon special consideration,  an equivalent course to one of the required CMP courses is allowed. Two options are available: 1. Register for the course and repeat as a "refresher." 2. Present a syllabus of the previous course content that they have successfully completed to the CMP Director to discuss possible elective substitutions for the course. The student must submit a written request for approval by the CMP Director. Up to six semester hours of graduate transfer credit may be applied toward fulfillment of graduate degree requirements It is recommended that students do not opt out of any of the CMP coursework since the program has been carefully planned to maximize student success on the Registered Dietitian (RD) exam.


  • Integrate scientific information and research into practice.

  • Use effective nutrition communication skills including written reports, consumer and professional presentations, multimedia approaches, individual consultation, technical research formats, medical charting techniques and successful interactions with healthcare teams.

  • Practice dietetics using the nutrition care process model.

  • Apply professional, scientific and patient/family ethics in their professional careers.

  • Demonstrate cultural humility in providing nutrition information and care, including knowledge of multicultural food practices, community programs and disparities in food, nutrition and healthcare.

  • Employ their leadership skills and verbalize the desire for continuing education and professional growth.

  • Be prepared to pass the national registration examination for dietitians.


  • Additional information on the assessment of prior learning and other Coordinated Master's Program requirements and policies can be found in the CMP Handbook (PDF).


The program is granted accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) which is the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' (AND) accrediting agency for education programs preparing students for careers as registered dietitians (RD) or (RDN). 

In 2022, the Nutrition and Integrative Physiology (NUIP) graduate programs successfully completed a ten-year graduate school review. Reviewers noted the quality teaching, research, and service provided by the department.

The University of Utah is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.



120 South Riverside Plaza, Suite 2190, Chicago, IL, 60606-6995

"The faculty and staff in the NUIP department are dedicated to educating, collaborating with, and serving their students, the university, and the community. Their example instills a desire in others to do likewise. They have my deepest respect and gratitude for facilitating my academic and personal growth."

~Ashley Park, M.S.

"I entered this program uncertain where my future lay. I had decided the path to which I had dedicated so much of my life was no longer meant for me. Over time, the CMP program gave me stability and direction. Classmates gave me support and friendship. My professors gave me encouragement and respect. This program has helped me find where I belong. I am more excited than ever for my future to work as a dietitian."

~Aaron DeGrauw, M.S.

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Amy Reeder

Amy Reeder, MS, RD, CDE

CMP Graduate Advisor

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Program Manager - Academics

Kary Woodruff, PhD, RD, CSSD

CMP Director