Our department faculty and students create new ways of engaging individuals, families, and communities in adopting healthful eating habits to enhance health and prevent chronic diseases.

Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity are on the rise in Utah, across the nation, and abroad. Community-based education on lifestyle changes—including weight loss, healthy diet, and exercise—has proven remarkably effective in preventing or significantly delaying onset of these diseases for people who have access.

Targeted Community Programming

Faculty members provide targeted nutrition programming in schools and to community groups, with special focus on populations that are at highest risk of diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.  

Faculty and students work to change public policies and improve community environments so that healthful foods are accessible and affordable for all.

What’s more, our faculty advance research in community, school, and policy interventions by designing and implementing novel ways of interacting with families, schools, and community members. Our faculty accomplish these interventions by using technology, innovative curricula, and incorporating cultural traditions and events.

Reliable nutrition information can be the voice of reason in the cacophony of nutrition information available in the media. Department faculty provide knowledgeable nutrition and physiology experts to a variety of local and national media outlets, including radio, TV, and print sources.

Contact Us

Kary Woodruff

CMP Director of Sports Nutrition
Phone: 801-581-6730
Email: kary.woodruff@utah.edu

Jean Zancanella, MS, RD
CMP Graduate Advisor
Phone: 801-581-5280
Email: jean.zancanella@hsc.utah.edu