Nutrition and Integrative Physiology (NUIP)

The Department of Nutrition and Integrative Physiology (NUIP) houses an active group of researchers, educators, and trainees dedicated to understanding how maintenance of metabolic health combats the development and progression of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Our scholars use a variety of research techniques and model systems to understand how diet, physical activity, and other environmental factors influence organ systems, bridging virtually all of the sciences which study human biology (e.g. anatomy, biochemistry, epidemiology, genetics, etc.). We maintain active engagement with other programs within University of Utah Health and endeavor to translate new research findings into clinical procedures and community outreach programs that improve quality of life.

The department offers a variety of degree programs preparing students for careers as research scientists, academic scholars, or registered dietitians. Our research-based Master’s and PhD programs provide training in translational bioscience, enabling graduates to advance fundamental discoveries from bench-to-bedside. Our accredited Coordinated Master’s Program in Nutrition produces graduates with exceptionally high pass rates on the national examination to become a registered dietitian. Our online Master’s program provides literature-based training for dietitians and other degree holders on the emerging discoveries related to the control of nutrient homeostasis.

We welcome you to peruse our website to get a sense of the breadth of our research interests, degree programs, and outreach initiatives.

Scott Summers, PhD
Department Chair