Josh Larson

Clinical and Simulation Manager

As the Clinical And SimultionManager for the Athletic Training Program, Josh Larson is involved with many operational, procedural, and fiscal matters.  Josh is also the academic advisor for current ATP students.  Josh Larson received his Master of Arts in Dance with an emphasis in Kinesiology and a BS in psychology from the University of Utah.  Josh received a BA in Dance from Ohio University.  In addition to co-teaching a course with Program Director, Lee Dibble, Josh is AEMT certified and is a faculty member at EMT UTAH and volunteers for Wendover Ambulance. 


Phone: 801-213-3129

Giusseppe Haumann

Program Coordinator

As the Athletic Training Program Coordinator, Giusseppe’s duties include department administration, travel arrangements, accounts payable and reconciliation, class scheduling, and textbook acquisition. He also reviews student applications for admission into the Athletic Training Program. Giusseppe received his Master of Education with an emphasis in Education, Culture and Society, and Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University of Utah. Giusseppe also earned TESOL certification from the University of Utah. He was also on the University of Utah Men’s Volleyball team.



Phone: 801-585-1820