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Motion Analysis Core

What We Do

The Motion Capture Core (MoCap) is a research facility focused on the study of the coordination of movement and postural control in health, aging, and disease. Research is conducted using state of the art measurement techniques including kinetics, kinematics, electromyography, and dynamic stereoradiography. While the facility is under the auspices of the Department of Physical Therapy, the equipment in this facility is the product of a collaboration between the Departments of Physical Therapy and Orthopaedics.

Students, faculty, and staff from throughout the University including Departments of Mechanical Engineering, Biology, Occupational Therapy, Robotics, Computing, Bioengineering, and Orthopaedics collaborate together on a variety of projects. In addition, we collaborate with the movement analysis laboratory at the nearby Salt Lake City Shriners Hospitals for Children and the Salt Lake City Veterans Administration (VA) Gait Lab.

The MoCap facility includes two 10 camera Vicon Motion Analysis systems, 3 AMTI multiaxis force platforms, AMTI instrumented stairs, Bertec fully instrumented treadmill, an instrumented gait walkway, a dynamic stereoradiography system, Motion Lab Systems EMG measurement system, SRM cycling ergometer, as well as software for data collection and analysis. Feel free to contact us with any motion needs you may have.


Force Plates and Instrumented Stairway

Two OR6 series AMTI (Advanced Medical Technologies Inc., Watertown, MA) in-ground force plates with an individual 1000 lb. capacity are located in the center of the MoCap. These in-ground force plates can be incorporated into a removable 3-step instrumented stairway (AMTI, Watertown, MA) that allows analysis of four independent steps. The force plates will be used to collect kinetic data for the proposed study. 

Instrumented Stairway Mocap

Instrumented Treadmill

This Bertec Fully Instrumented Treadmill (FIT) has side-by-side dual belt treadmill with two integrated force plates. The system consists of two 68" long x 20" wide running surfaces with speed adjustment in the range 0 - 24 km/hr. Two, 5,000 N vertical and 2,500 N shear range force plates independently measure all 3 force and 3 moments. The treadmill also has removable safety rails on sides and front and an incline feature that allows 15 degrees (275) of incline. The belts can operate in reverse and speed can be adjusted independently. 

Instrumented Stairway Mocap

VICON motion analysis systems

We have two, ten-camera VICON motion analysis systems (Vicon Motion Systems Ltd, Oxford, UK) in the MoCap. The first system is primarily used around the force plates and instrumented stairway and includes 10 vantage cameras and has a sampling rate of up to 500 Hz. The second system is primarily used around the instrumented treadmill and consists of 10 Bonita10 cameras and has a sampling rate of up to 250 Hz. Each system also has a computer workstation that contains all the necessary software for synchronization and post-processing of the kinetic and kinematic data (Vicon Nexus, Matlab, Vicon and Visual 3D).

vicon motion analysis systems mocap

Instrumented Treadmill

We have a 21-foot long by 4-foot wide instrumented walkway with an AMTI Optima Gen5 force plate in the center for capturing over ground walking in conjunction with the dual fluoroscopy systems as well as the VICON Vantage camera system. 

Bo analyzing in mocap lab

Dynamic Stereoradiography Systems (DSS)

A custom pulsed dynamic stereoradiography system (Imaging Systems & Service, Inc., Painesville, OH) consists of an 80-kW x-ray generator (EMD, Quebec, Canada) driving two x-ray tubes (Varex, Salt Lake City, UT) equipped with automated collimators (Ralco, El Dorado Hills, CA). The emitters are mounted on an overhead XY gantry with vertical tube cranes (CoreLabs, Englewood, CO). Images are visualized using two 16" image intensifier tubes (Thales, Totowa, NJ) mounted on rolling carts with vertical and angular adjustment. The system operates as a pulsed radiograph machine up to 130 HZ, with continuous fluoroscopy mode beyond. Two high speed cameras (Phantom VEO 410L, Vision Research, Wayne, NJ) (1280x800 resolution, up to 5,00 frames per second) are synchronized to record the radiographic images for analysis. An integrated control panel controls all system functionality, triggering, and radiographic technique settings. Two perforated steel plates are used for distortion correction of the image fields. A 64-bead calibration cube, with integrated retroreflective optical markers, is used to spatially calibrate both the radiography and optical tracking systems to one another. Images are saved on a PC workstation via high-speed Ethernet cables. 

Dynamic Stereoradiography Systems (DSS)


The 16 channel MA300-VXI Motion Lab Systems EMG measurement system (Motion Lab Systems, Inc., Baton Rouge, LA) is capable of data collection using both surface and and fine-wire electrodes. In addition, the system also has radio telemetry (MA 300-RT) for wireless transmission. 

Bo in mocap lab

Cycling Ergometer

The SRM (SRM USA, Colorado Springs, CO) ergometer with integrated SRM training system brings high level performance measurement to the laboratory. Each SRM ErgoMeter is tested, calibrated and certified for protocol measurements with data accuracy with less than 0.5% error.

Cycling Ergometer in mocap



Motion Analysis System with 10 digital cameras (lower limb kinematics/kinetics)


Motion Analysis System with 10 digital cameras (whole body kinematics, center of mass, GRF)


EMG system with 4 electrodes (additional electrodes $10 each)


Staircase (ascending/descending)


Force plate (center of pressure analysis)


*Prices listed above is for one 2-hour experiment with one subject. Additional $50 will be charged per hour after the 2-hour experiment


System preparation personnel


Data analysis personnel


Data interpretation/data dissemination personnel


Computer programming personnel


Contact Us

Bo Foreman, PT, PhD

Phone: 801-581-3496


Mailing address
Motion Analysis Core Facility
520 Wakara Way Rm 106
Salt Lake City, UT 84108