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Our Research Programs

Aging Muscle and Rehabilitation Laboratory

The Aging and Rehabilitation Laboratory is interested in identifying the cellular mechanisms of skeletal muscle atrophy/regrowth and metabolic dysfunction with aging and the interaction of physical inactivity and exercise. We also have a keen interest in identifying novel, mechanistically-based therapeutic strategies to improve aging muscle size and function. 

Micah J. Drummond PhD

Cellular Bioenergetics Laboratory

The Cellular Bioenergetics Laboratory studies the molecular mechanisms by which our cells adapt to changes in energy demand and houses the state-of-the-art mitochondrial phenotyping facility. Recent studies have focused on the role of mitochondrial membrane lipids on energy production and muscular function.

Katsu Funai

Clinical Outcomes Research

The Clinical Outcomes Research in Physical Therapy is lead by Julie M. Fritz, PT, PhD, ATC with projects in management of patients with low back pain and patients with neck pain.

Julie M. Fritz, PT, PhD, ATC

Motion Analysis Core

A research facility focused on the study of the coordination of movement and postural control in health, aging, and disease. Research is conducted using state of the art measurement techniques including kinetic, kinematics, electromyography, and full motion fluoroscopy.

Bo Foreman, PhD

Skeletal Muscle Exercise Research Facility

The SMERF is focused on muscle, movement and human performance; specifically how muscles adapt and how these changes help or hinder human function in daily life and across the lifespan, following injury or disease, and in sport.

Micah J. Drummond, PhD

Sports Medicine Research Lab

The Sports Medicine Research Lab is a 1600 square foot facility housing a motion capture laboratory, workstation room, observation area, additional lab space and a restroom facility with toilet, shower and lockers.

Justin Rigby PhD