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Headshot of faculty member Heather Hayes

Heather A. Hayes, DPT, PhD, NCS

Academic Office Information


Heather Hayes, DPT, PhD, is a Certified Stroke Rehabilitation Specialist (CSRS), Certified exercise expert for aging adults (CEEAA), and is a Board-certified Clinical Specialist in Neurologic Physical Therapy. Heather’s primary interest is in stroke rehabilitation. Dr. Hayes was the Program Director for the residency program's first 10 years and continues to contribute as the mentor for "Stroke Camp", a 2-week all-day intensive program for stroke survivors, during which residents help patients work toward their specific functional goals, e.g. mowing the lawn or riding a bike. Dr. Hayes is doing exciting research in the area of health services in neurologic populations and there are opportunities there for interested residents to be involved. Her research currently focuses on improving health systems for individuals post-stroke, including helping to identify which patients have better outcomes when discharged to inpatient rehabilitation facility versus skilled nursing facility after acute stroke.

Dr. Hayes is passionate about motor learning and seeks for all individuals in the program (patients, residents, herself) to improve not only motor learning skills, but learning in general. 

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