Health Promotion and Education

Health Promotion & Education

Spanning Health Education For Better Health Professionals

Health Promotion & Education with the Department of Health, Kinesiology, and Recreation provides intensive specialized training in biological, environmental, psychological, social, physical, and medical sciences while also involving the development of strategies from an individual to systemic scale that can assist individuals, communities, and societies in adopting and maintaining healthy lifestyles.


  • A Bachelor of Science degree with emphases in community health, emergency medical services, and nuclear medicine technology.
  • A Master of Science degree where students learn to conduct program planning, evaluation, and research in health promotion.
  • A PhD program that allows our students the flexibility to develop their own area of expertise.

Undergraduate students who wish to complete a complementary degree in another area (ex. KINES, PRT, Family and Consumer Studies, etc.) may still receive a health education minor, which covers the areas of public health, positive behavior change, and healthy lifestyles. The department also offers a school health minor for those pursuing a teaching major in other disciplines.


Letter from the Director

Our program is large and varied, but our roots are always the core competencies of Health Education. The most exciting thing to me about this field is how many settings these skills and knowledge can be applied. It is our challenge to help you master the competencies at the level you are involved (one class, minor, BS, MS, PhD) and apply them in your area of interest. Our faculty includes full-time and part-time members who are skilled and experienced professionals in the field.

It is my role as Director to see that the needs of our faculty and students are met to the best of our ability in addition to making your experience challenging, rewarding and fun. It is my belief that if we are not having fun, it is not learning. Please feel free to e-mail, call or meet with me if you have problems, concerns or just want to talk about how much you enjoyed a class or activity. My job is to serve the students, faculty and staff. Please let me know how we are meeting your needs.


Tim Brusseau
Director – Health Promotion and Education

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