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The following mandatory orientation dates will include information on each off-campus course offered.  Please select a time/day that works for you.  Each course has its own unique requirements and schedule so please come prepared to take notes.  Once the information session of the orientation is completed, you will then sign a liability waiver.  After you have signed the liability waiver, a permission code will be issued to you to add the course. All off-campus courses require a permission code to manage enrollment on behalf of the facilitiesYou are welcome to attend any orientation for 2nd session enrollment.  If you have any additional questions, please email Deep Chhokkar


Spring 2024 Orientations will be held via Zoom. 

Attending an orientation is MANDATORY to register & receive a permission code for enrollment.

Only send in a permission code request if you cannot attend one of these days/times.

Zoom link for all meetings Passcode: 2A29aL 

Meeting ID for the Off -Campus Orientation Zoom meetings is:  787 001 6461

November 27, 28, & 29 (M/T/W) @ 11 am

January 2 & 3 (T/W) @ 11am

Last day to enroll for off-campus classes1st session Friday January 6th; 2nd session Friday Feb 23.

Contact Us

ESSF Program Manager
Rebecca Davenport
HPR N Room 249 

ESSF Graduate Assistant
Off-Campus Course Contact
Deep Chhokkar
HPR N Room 235A

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