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Frequently Asked Questions

Is our program online? 

Our graduate program is not offered online.  


When is the application deadline? 

The fall application deadline is December 1st for both PhD and master’s degrees. Applications are not accepted for Spring or Summer semester.  


Should I have a mentor before applying to the program? 

We are a mentor-driven program, and it is important for you to establish a connection with a potential supervisor/mentor before applying to our graduate program. Contact with mentors is critical as they support your application and advocate for you during the application process. Typically students who have been accepted have conversed with and established some rapport with the faculty member they wish to work under. 


Can I attend part time? 

Students must be registered for at least 9 credit hours each semester to stay eligible for the tuition benefit plan (and not be billed the full tuition that semester). There is a possibility to take a family leave or a leave of absence and determine specific accommodations.  


How many students are there in our graduate program? 

For the upcoming academic year (2023-24), 38 students are enrolled in our graduate program (23 PhD students and 15 MS students) 


How much does it cost to attend? 

Students in the graduate program are responsible for payments based on the graduate school tuition schedule published by the University of Utah.  


Is funding available? 

The Department of Health & Kinesiology offers financial assistance to most students through the award of Teaching (TA) and Research (RA) Assistantships. These positions are limited and provide financial assistance to graduate students in exchange for teaching- or research-related work for the department. A full assistantship provides a tuition waiver and a stipend paid throughout the academic year.  

Please consult the H&K graduate program website for more information on financial aid and scholarships.  


How much do funded students make? 

A funded student in 2023-24 will receive a minimum of $10,000 per term. There are opportunities for funded teaching and research activities over the summer.  

If you receive a fellowship or work as a teaching or research assistant you will also receive a health insurance benefit covered at 100%. Go to the Graduate School website for more information about health insurance.  


Can I apply right now and start in the spring? 

When accepted in our program, you will be expected to start the following Fall (and register for a minimum of 9 credit hours in the Fall semester). However, specific accommodations can be discussed with the mentor and the Department chair if necessary.  


Can I have more information about a specific program? 

Please consult our website for more information about our different programs: 


Where can I find more information about navigating graduate school? 

The University of Utah has developed a video as well as resources and tools on the topic. Those can be found here.