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Academic Rescue Courses

Upcoming Academic Courses

Course Number Title Semester Course Fee

High Angle Courses

H EDU 4520 High Angle Rescue Techniques and Theory Fall 2020 (1st Half) $200
H EDU 4530 Advanced High Angle Rescue Fall 2021 (2nd Half) $200

Avalanche Rescue Courses

H EDU 4500 Avalanche Rescue Techniques and Theory Spring 2021 (1st Half) $200

Swiftwater Rescue Courses

H EDU 4510 Swiftwater Rescue Techniques and Theory Spring 2021 (2nd Half) $200

Wilderness Medicine Courses

Offered in partnership with  NOLS Wilderness Medicine

University of Utah academic credit is offered for the following courses:

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Custom Courses

We have provided training courses for firefighters, police officers, ski patrols, river guides, mountain guides, search and rescue teams and industrial professionals.

Email us to arrange a custom training for your group of 5 or more.