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Health & Kinesiology Faculty & Staff


Genevieve Albouy, PhD

Associate Professor - Health and Kinesiology / Guest Professor - Department of Movement Sciences

(Office) 801-581-7558

HPER N, Room 258

REASEARCH INTERESTS: Modulating the neurophysiological processes underlying motor learning and sleep-related motor memory consolidation in order to optimize motor behavior in healthy populations.   


Sleep and Motor Memory Lab

Yang Bai, PhD

Assistant Professor - Health and Kinesiology

(Office) 801-587-0482

HPER N, Room 204

REASERCH INTERESTS: Physical activity and fitness assessment and epidemiology, school-based youth activity and healthy eating promotion, validation of consumer and research activity monitors, and behavior change with technology. 

TEACHING INTERESTS: Epidemiology, Physical Activity Epidemiology

Shelly Beck, MS, AEMT

Assistant Professor (Lecturer) - Health and Kinesiology

(Office) 801-581-4512

Stewart, Room 118A

TEACHING INTERESTS: EMS Instructor, EMS Ethics, Diversity, and Law, Anatomy & Physiology for Health 

Tim Brusseau, PhD, FACSM, FSA, FAISEP

Department Chair, Associate Professor - Health and Kinesiology / Adjunct Associate Professor - Nutrition & Integrative Physiology

(Office) 801-587-7900

HPER N, Room 252

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Design and implementation of physical activity and health programs. Secondarily, the surveillance of physical activity as well as physical activity measurement issues. 

TEACHING INTERESTS: Foundations of Health and Kinesiology

Ryan Burns, PhD, RFSA

Assistant Professor - Health and Kinesiology

(Office) 801-695-5035

HPER N, Room 251

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Developing prediction models to estimate aerobic capacity in adolescents, developing optimal low back pain assessment in adolescents, cross-validating prediction models, modeling physical activity behaviors during physical education, and examining the efficacy of comprehensive school physical activity programing.

TEACHING INTERESTS: Design and Analysis, Application of Human Motor Development Across the Lifespan

Wonwoo Byun, PhD, MS, MA

Assistant Professor - Health and Kinesiology

(Office) 801-585-1119

HPER N, Room 205

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Investigating effect of physical activity and nutrition on various health outcomes. Physical activity, fitness, and sedentary behavior in relation to metabolic risk factors, obesity and other health outcomes. Developing and implementing interventions to promote physical activity and healthy eating.

TEACHING INTERESTS: Physical Activity Interventions, Introduction to Research Methods

Physical Activity Lab

Les Chatelain, MS

Program Director - Emergency Programs / Instructor (lecturer) - Health and Kinesiology

(Office) 801-581-4512

Stewart, Room 117B

TEACHING INTERESTS: Medical Terminology, First Aid & CPR, EMS Planning & Evaluation, 

Adriana Coletta, PhD, MS, RD

Assistant Professor - Huntsman Cancer Institute / Assistant Professor - Health and Kinesiology / Adjunct Assistant Professor - Nutrition & Integrative Physiology

(Office) 801-213-1362

HPER N, Room 250

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Integrating principles from exercise science and sports nutrition across the cancer continuum to optimize body composition, physical function and conditioning, and improve related biomarkers linked with cancer risk and progression.

TEACHING INTERESTS: Exercise Physiology, Exercise in the Context of Chronic Disease

Chris Depner, PhD

Assistant Professor - Health and Kinesiology / Sleep and Circadian Physiology Research Pillar

(Office) 801-581-2275

HPER N, Room 245

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Investigating how insufficient sleep and circadian disruption contributes to risk of metabolic disorders such as obesity and diabetes, with long-term goal of developing sleep and circadian based interventions that improve metabolic health.

TEACHING INTERESTS: Sleep & Circadian Physiology and Disease

Sleep and Circadian Physiology Lab

Mike Ditolla, PhD, NRP

EMS Program Coordinator and Training Officer - Health and Kinesiology

(Office) 801-213-1363

HPER N, Room 257


Jackie Farnsworth, MS

Associate Instructor - Health and Kinesiology

Stewart, Room 101B

TEACHING INTERESTS: Health and Diversity, Teaching Health in Secondary Education, Stress Management

Peter Fino, PhD

Assistant Professor - Health and Kinesiology / Adjunct Assistant Professor - Physical Therapy & Athletic Training / Adjunct Assistant Professor - Mechanical Engineering

(Office) 801-213-1363

HPER N, Room 200

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Improving mobility during daily life in people with neurological dysfunction, particularly those with brain injuries. Using core concepts from biomechanics and motor control, my lab concentrates on functionally relevant balance that is typical during daily life. 

TEACHING INTERESTS: Advanced Biomechanics, Instrumentation and Measurement in Movement Science.

Neuromechanics and Applied Locomotion Lab

Julia Franklin, PhD, CHES

Associate Professor (Lecturer) - Health and Kinesiology / Coordinator - Health Education Specialist and Wellness

(Office) 801-581-7289

Stewart, Room 102A

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Resilience, disordered eating (from clinical eating disorders to obesity), and body image. Having studied eating disturbances and body image concerns in Division I athletes and examined the relationship between resilience and eating disorder risks in female college students. 

TEACHING INTERESTS: Eating Disorders & Body Image, Introduction to Grant Writing, Program Evaluation, Health Program Planning II, Introduction to Research and Assessment, Program Planning.

Arwen Fuller, PhD

Associate Professor (Lecturer) - Health and Kinesiology

(Office) 801-581-7734

HPER N, Room 256

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Clarify the role of exercise in the prevention of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease and to discover and implement effective ways to enable positive behavior change for improving health and wellness. 

TEACHING INTERESTS: Exercise Physiology, Physical Activity Epidemiology, Aging and Exercise

Nick Galli, PhD, CMPC

Associate Professor (Lecturer) - Health and Kinesiology

(Office) 801-585-9927

Stewart, Room 101

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Psychosocial health and well-being in high-level athletes. Resilience and adversarial growth to sport stressors for high-level athletes and body image and disordered body change behaviors in high-level athletes.

TEACHING INTERESTS: Community Health Issues, Prevention Practices, Applied Behavior Change, Foundations of Health Education, Facilitating Healthy Behavior, Exercise Psychology

Jon Groot, PhD

Assistant Professor (Lecturer), Director, Human Performance Laboratory - Health and Kinesiology

(Office) 801-587-8956

HPER N, Room 253

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Impact of vascular aging on blood flow regulation in older humans, and whether physical activity can prevent the onset of cardiovascular disease in this population.

TEACHING INTERESTS: Kinesiology, Exercise physiology Lab

Human Performance Lab

Matt Haberman, AEMT

Associate Instructor - Health and Kinesiology

(Office) 801-581-3785

Stewart, Room 111B

TEACHING INTERESTS: High-Angle Rescue Techniques and Theory, Advanced High-Angle Rescue Techniques and Theory, Swiftwater Rescue 

Tanya Halliday, PhD, RD

Assistant Professor - Health and Kinesiology

(Office) 801-213-1363

HPR N, Room 202

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Appetite regulation, particularly in response to exercise, and development of interventions to improve weight loss maintenance and cardiometabolic health. 

Connie Holder, MS, AEMT

Assistant Professor (Lecturer) - Health and Kinesiology

(Office) 801-581-4512

Stewart, Room 118B

TEACHING INTERESTS: EMT Training, EMT Recertification

Richard Interdonato, PhD

Assistant Professor (Lecturer) - Health and Kinesiology

(Office) 801-987-0606


RESEARCH INTERESTS: Applied health technology, mobile application development, augmented & virtual reality for health, and digital health interventions. 

TEACHING INTERESTS: Health Communication & Teaching, Introduction to Android App Making, Behavior Changing Technology, Theory and Habit Technology

Bradley King, PhD,

Assistant Professor - Health and Kinesiology

HPER N, Room 246

RESEARCH INTERESTS: The motor system as a model to investigate the neuroplasticity underlying learning and memory processes across the human lifespan, with emphases on childhood and older adulthood. This research utilizes multiple motor learning paradigms as well as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) to assess learning-dependent neuroplasticity. 

TEACHING INTERESTS: Application of Human Motor Development Across the Lifespan

Lifespan Motor Neuroscience Lab

Jessica King, PhD, CHES

Assistant Professor - Health and Kinesiology

(Office) 801-581-7964

HPER N, Room 255

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Inform and evaluate policies and interventions for tobacco use prevention and cessation. Specializing in youth adults use of non-cigarette tobacco products. Cancer prevention and health promotion, including skin cancer and obesity prevention.

TEACHING INTERESTS: Community Health Issues 

Joshua LaReaux, MS

Assistant Professor (Lecturer) - Health and Kinesiology

(Office) 801-581-7809

HPER N, Room 254

TEACHING INTERESTS: Introduction to Coaching, Perspectives on Sport and American Society, Promoting Physical Activity in the Community, PE for Individuals with Disabilities

Jennifer Lehmbeck, PhD, MPH

Associate Professor (Lecturer) - Health and Kinesiology

(Office) 801-581-3481

Stewart, Room 103C

TEACHING INTERESTS: Human Sexuality, Health Program Planning I, Health Practicum II, Global Health Promotion, Prevention Practices

Anita Leopardi, MEd, CHES

Assistant Professor (Lecturer), Director of Undergraduate Studies - Health and Kinesiology

(Office) 801-585-1081

Stewart, Room 106

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Chronic disease prevention, health concerns of women, school and community health.

TEACHING INTERESTS: Healthy Lifestyles, Health Practicum I & II

Maria Newton, PhD

Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies - Health and Kinesiology

(Office) 801-581-4729

HPER N, Room 203

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Optimizing the experience and motivation of individuals in physical activity settings. In doing so, I have examined how both dispositional goals and perceptions of the setting influence such outcomes as anxiety, enjoyment, cognitions, and character development.

TEACHING INTERESTS: Foundations of Health and Kinesiology, Exercise Psychology, Graduate Seminar.

Les Podlog, PhD, MA, BA

Associate Professor - Health and Kinesiology

(Office) 801-680-3098

HPER N, Room 201

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Psychosocial factors influencing injury risk and recovery as well as interventions focused on improving rehabilitation outcomes in various groups. Secondarily, psychosocial factors influencing physical activity initiation and maintenance across the lifespan. 


Andy Rich, DiMM, FAWM, W-AEMT, AMGA certified guide

Instructor (Lecturer) - Health and Kinesiology / Coordinator - Remote Rescue Training

(Office) 801-581-3785

Stewart, Room 121

TEACHING INTERESTS: Avalanche Rescue Techniques and Theory, Swiftwater Rescue Techniques and Theory, High-Angle Rescue Techniques and Theory, Advanced High-Angle Rescue

Glenn Richardson, PhD

Professor - Health and Kinesiology

(Office) 801-581-8039

Stewart, Room 107

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Creativity in health promotion teaching and communicating, resiliency as a process that disrupts people out of adapted states of biopsychospiritual homeostasis which potentially prepares and readies them through states of humility to experience infusions of desired virtues and qualities. Resilience as "an innate force that progressively drives and guides people to increase their capacities by receiving infusions of desired qualities and virtues".

TEACHING INTERESTS: Stress Management, Applied Resiliency, Personal Resiliency  

Janet Shaw, PhD, FACSM

Interim Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs / Associate Professor - Health and Kinesiology / Honors Faculty Advisor - College of Health

(Office) 801-585-5107

HPER N, Room 206

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Physical activity and women's health.

TEACHING INTERESTS: Aging and Exercise, Honors Thesis 

Andrea Stark, MS

Assistant Professor (Lecturer) - Health and Kinesiology

(Office) 801-585-5971

HPER N, Room 262

TEACHING INTERESTS: Exercise Psychology, Promoting Physical Activity in the Community, Motor Behavior, PE for Individuals with Disabilities

Chris Stratford, MS, BSN, RN, NRP

Associate Instructor - Health and Kinesiology / Staff Development Educator - Emergency Medical Physicians

(Office) 801-581-2305

Stewart, Room 117A

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Prehospital and in-hospital cardiac arrest, basic life support, advanced cardiac life support, prehospital emergency care and emergency nursing care.

TEACHING INTERESTS: Advanced EMT, Meds, Drugs, and EMS, Pathophysiology for EMS

Traci Thompson, MS, ACSM, HFD, CSCS

Director - Peak Health and Fitness - Wellness and Integrative Health / Associate Professor (Clinical) - Health and Kinesiology / Adjunct Instructor - Nutrition & Integrative Physiology

(Office) 801-585-7325

HPER E 217

TEACHING INTERESTS: Community Health, EMS, OSH, and Kinesiology Internships, PEAK Health and Fitness

Ryan Weatherwax, PhD

Assistant Professor (Lecturer) - Health and Kinesiology

(Office) 801-587-0501

HPER N, Room 249

TEACHING INTERESTS: Biomechanics, Exercise Programming: Assessment & Delivery, Work, Wellness & the Great Outdoors

Andrew Mark Williams, BSc, PhD, CPsychol, CSci, FBPS, FECSS, FBASES, HPSA, FNAK

Adjunct Professor - Health and Kinesiology / Adjunct Professor - Psychology Department

(Phone) 435-901-2447

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Sports psychology, sports performance, skills acquisition, motor learning, human performance, cognitive science, biomechanics, perceptual-cognitive expertise.


Amber Hills-Martin

ESSF Academic Program Manager - Health and Kinesiology

(Office) 801-587-7684

HPER N, Room 239-E

Andrea Moss

Graduate Studies Program Manager - Health and Kinesiology

(Office) 801-585-9783

HPER N, Room 239



    Oversee ESSF Program day-to-day activities and general questions. Course scheduling and permission codes for ESSF classes. HPER faculty maintenance, updates, and emergencies for Health and Kinesiology. Key requests and room reservations in HPER. ESSF payroll, hiring, purchases, invoices, and departmental deposits. Website content and updates. Member of staff council and the EDI subcommittee. Available to assist with other Health and Kinesiology administrative matters.



    Hello, I am the Graduate Studies Program Manager, assistant to the Director of Graduate Studies, and the HK liaison to the Graduate School. This includes, processing and maintaining all graduate student applications and handling the admissions processes. I coordinate Graduate Student hiring and contracting. I provide Graduate Student advising, coordinate graduate student requirements, tuition benefits/funding, student office spaces, petitions, scheduling, permission codes, registration, and records. I also maintain the Graduate Canvas page and schedule/coordinate Graduate student events. I currently hold a dual position with the Department of Health and Kinesiology and the Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism. I am honored to be a part of two excellent teams!

Joanna McMinn

Executive Assistant - Health and Kinesiology

(Office) 801-581-8114

Stewart, Room 102B

Madeira Hornbaker

Support Staff, Emergency Programs - Health and Kinesiology

(Office) 801-581-8548

Stewart, Room 117F



    I assist with Emergency Programs day-to-day operations and support the Director of our Program. I am available Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings. I also provide support to Event Coverage operations, and Community CPR and First Aid training classes.

Patrick Smith

Accountant - Health and Kinesiology

(Office) 801-213-0887

HPER E, Room 209