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The Health Promotion and Education program is based on the competencies necessary to become a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES). The CHES competencies are generic to the practice of health education, whether it takes place in schools, colleges, workplaces, medical care settings, public health settings, or other settings within a community.

Health educators are required to have certain skills and competencies.

Our program is based on the following CHES requirements:

  • - Assess individual and community needs
  • - Plan, develop, and implement health education programs
  • - Manage health education programs and personnel
  • - Evaluate health education programs
  • - Write grants
  • - Build coalitions
  • - Identify resources and make referrals
  • - Develop mass media campaigns
  • - Organize and mobilize communities for action
  • - Advocate for health related issues
  • - Train volunteers
  • - Use a variety of education and training methods
  • - Develop audio, visual, and print materials
  • - Conduct research
  • - Write scholarly articles

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