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The University's Undergraduate Admissions office application deadline is April 1 for incoming freshmen, new, and transfer students. However, the department has a rolling deadline for admittance into the major for current University of Utah undergraduate students.

Prior to Submitting an Application

You must complete the following tasks prior to submitting an application:

  1. Apply and be admitted to the University of Utah via the main Admissions Office.
  2. Complete H EDU 1010, H EDU 3050, Writing 2010, and Math 1070 or 1040
  3. Have your previous credits - transfer or otherwise - recorded on your official student record at The University of Utah.

Submitting an Application

Please submit completed applications to:

Attn: Joanna McMinn
Department: Health Promotion and Education
1901 E South Campus Drive Rm 2142
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Phone: 801-581-8114

Emphasis Requirements

The application deadline is April 1st if you are applying for the Community Emphasis. We accept a total of 35 students per academic year. Students must also submit a Community Health essay as part of the application process.