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Parks, Recreation, & Tourism Faculty

Nate G Bricker

Nathan Bricker

Instructor (Lecturer), Health-Kinesiology-Recreation

Phone: 801-585-5560

Kelly Bricker

Kelly S. Bricker, PhD

Chair of Parks, Recreation & Tourism

Phone: 801-585-6503

Nate Furman u0470819

Nate Furman

Co-Coordinator, U-EXPLORE, Parks, Recreation & Tourism

Phone: 801-585-3204

Camilla Hodge

Camilla J. Hodge

Assistant Professor, Health, Kinesiology, & Recreation

Phone: 801-585-7239

Kirk Nichols

Kirk Nichols, PhM

Assistant Professor (Lecturer)

Phone: 801-581-7519

Karen Paisley

Karen Paisley, PhD

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College Of Health

Phone: 801-587-9617

Jeff Rose u0571619

Jeff Rose

Assistant Professor (Lecturer), Health-Kinesiology-Recreation

Phone: 801-585-6297

Ed Ruddell u0029309

Ed Ruddell

Associate Professor, Health-Kinesiology-Recreation

Phone: 801-581-8085

Jim Sibthorp u0292807

Jim Sibthorp

Professor, Health-Kinesiology-Recreation

Phone: 801-581-5940

Dorothy L Schmalz profile picture

Dorothy L. Schmalz

Associate Professor, Health-Kinesiology-Recreation

Phone: 801-581-8080

Research: I use a variety of methods to assess the psycho-social dimensions of recreation on health and wellbeing. Projects are collaborative efforts with parks and recreation professionals, physicians, and...

Mary Wells

Mary Sara Wells

Associate Professor, Health-Kinesiology-Recreation

Phone: 801-585-7086