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PRT Undergraduate Programs

BA/BS in Parks, Recreation, & Tourism

Our students start with a wide variety of interests and go on to an even larger variety of fields and professions. Located near several state and national parks, our graduates leave with the education, skills, and hands-on experience necessary to work in hospitality, community and wilderness management, river guides, or to go on for further studies like wilderness medicine, policymaking for. parks, fish, & wildlife management, and public health and wellness. If you have a spirit for adventure, one of our programs can help broaden your horizons. Our programs centers around three professional outcomes.


The undergraduate  (BA/BS) offers 3 areas of emphasis: Commercial, Community, & Sports Management, sustainable Tourism & Hospitality Management, Outdoor Recreation Studies.

Commercial, Community and Sport Management Emphasis

Commercial, Community, & Sport Management Emphasis helps tailor your experience to work in public and private recreation and sports. 

Sustainable Tourism & Hospitality Management Emphasis

Sustainable Tourism & Hospitality Management Emphasis is great for those interested in travel, hotel and lodging, and public and private. tourism. Our focus on sustainability will help you be ahead of the curve to make the industry healthier for those who visit and the environment. 

Outdoor Recreation Studies Emphasis

Outdoor Recreation Studies Emphasis will allow you to use the abundant natural resources found nearby as your classroom. Experience the snow that won Salt Lake the 2002 Winter Olympics, or the natural beauty that led to 5 distinct National Parks. Come out ready to take on our public wilderness areas and parks or the growing outdoor tour and adventure industry.

  How to Minor in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism (PRT)

  1. Meet with the PRT academic advisor -
  2. Complete a minimum of 18 approved credit hours. (See Required Courses below.)
  3. Periodically schedule an appointment with the advisor to discuss your progress and options for PRT elective credits within the minor.

  Required Courses

Course # Course Name Credits
Select one of the following:
PRT 1110 Leisure in Your Life 3
PRT 2101 Foundations of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism 3
Sub-Total 3
Select one of the following:
PRT 3310 Leisure Behavior and Human Diversity 3
PRT 2320 Programming and Leadership 4
PRT 2207 PRT Management 3
Sub-Total 3-4
Select 12 upper division credit hours from approved courses in ONE emphasis area:
Commercial, Community, and Sport Management
Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality Management
Outdoor Recreation Studies
Sub-Total 12
Total 18-19

Undergraduate Advising

Senior Academic Advisor

Eric Gardner



Online ST&HM Program

Online Program Coordinator 

Preston Tanner



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