Letter from the Director

Welcome to Parks, Recreation, and Tourism!

Our students, faculty, and staff are dedicated to enhancing quality of life through the provision of healthy, fulfilling, and sustainable leisure and tourism opportunities and management of the resources visited for these pursuits. We do this through undergraduate and graduate education of student majors who want to do something positive for our planet and all its inhabitants. If you choose to join us in this quest, I am confident you will find PRT and the University of Utah an excellent setting for your undergraduate or graduate studies.

The professional possibilities in the parks, recreation, and tourism are endless. We are a dedicated group of faculty and staff and trust our program will facilitate skills, knowledge, and experiences, to prepare you for a rewarding profession and lifetime opportunities to create and influence positive change in society.

So take a moment to meet our faculty and explore our program. We welcome you and your passion for our profession to the University of Utah!

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Kelly Bricker, PhD
Director - Parks, Recreation, and Tourism

Kelly Bricker, PhD

Undergraduate Advising

Eric Gardner

Undergraduate Advisor

Phone: 801-585-0832
Email: eric.gardner@utah.edu

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Graduate Advising

Dr. Dorothy Schmalz

Director of Graduate Studies

Phone: 801-581-8080
Email: d.schmalz@health.utah.edu

Online ST&HM Program

Preston Tanner

Online Program Coordinator

Phone: 801-587-7357
Email: preston.tanner@utah.edu 

Program Director

Dr. Kelly Bricker

Director of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism

Phone: 801-585-6503
Email: kelly.bricker@health.utah.edu

PRT Main Office

270 South 1400 East
Room 201, William A. Stewart Building
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Phone: 801-581-8542
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