Prior to the CMP, students must complete a bachelor's degree from a regionally-accredited university or college. The bachelor's degree major can be in any topic area and does not necessarily have to be in nutrition or another health field. As part of, or in addition to the bachelor's degree from a regionally-accredited university or college, students must complete a list of prerequisite courses. These courses are found below.


  • 1 semester of Biology (4 credits)
  • 1 semester of Human Physiology (4 credits)

Food Science

  • 1 semester (3-4 credits) of Food Science (acceptable online courses listed here


  • 1 semester of General Chemistry (4 credits)
  • 1 semester of Organic Chemistry (4 credits)
  • 1 semester of Biological Chemistry (4 credits; 3000 level or above)
  • 1 semester of chemistry lab (general, organic, or biochem)


  • 1 semester of Advanced Nutrition Science (NUTR 4440 or equivalent)
  • 1 semester of Nutrition through the Lifecycle (NUTR 5420 or equivalent)


  • 1 semester of Writing or Composition (4 credits)


  • 1 semester of College Algebra (4 credits; or higher level math) or equivalent Advanced Placement course.

Social Science

  • 1 semester of Social Science (3-4 credits selected from Economics, Psychology, or Sociology)


Students applying for the Sports Nutrition Track must also complete 1 semester of Exercise Physiology (3 credits) - See Sport Nutrition Prerequisites

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