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Thesis and Non-Thesis (Focused Area of Study)


Students completing master’s degrees in the department of Nutrition and Integrative Physiology are required as part of their course of study to complete a thesis project or a focused area of study.  Master’s level students that aspire to work in professional settings are encouraged to pursue a focused area of study.  Students who desire to continue work in academic or research settings are encouraged to complete a thesis project.

CMP Project

The purpose of the focused area of study (FAS) is to provide a track in which Master of Science students in Nutrition can select a focused area of study in place of a research-oriented thesis. The FAS permits an in-depth focus of a particular aspect of nutrition in which the student is interested in specializing. Further, the FAS provides an opportunity for the student to improve the leadership and collaboration skills that are important in a professional career. 

A thesis project is a piece of original research completed under close supervision of a faculty member.  Master’s students in Nutrition and Integrative Physiology are introduced to research opportunities during their first semester of course work and are matched with faculty mentors before the end of their first year.

Students attend a forum during their first semester of graduate study that provides an overview of research projects and focused area of study opportunities.  Students are then matched with faculty and community mentors.

Requirements and procedures for completion of thesis and focused area of study projects may be found in the department handbook and are further addressed in student coursework.