Can I get more information about the Coordinated Master's Program mailed to me?

All information regarding the program can be found online here: Coordinated Master's Program.

What prerequisites are required for admission into the program?

The prerequisites are listed here: Prerequisites

Equivalent courses from accredited colleges and universities are accepted. For the CMS program, please contact Jean Zancanella, Academic Advisor for transcript evaluation at jean.zancanella@health.utah.edu; for Sports Nutrition, contact Stacie Wing-Gaia, PhD, RD, CSSD at 801-585-9623 or stacie.wing@health.utah.edu.

Sports Nutrition

In addition to the CMP prerequisites, the Sports Nutrition Concentration prerequisites include: Exercise Physiology.

Is there a minimum GRE score required?

A GRE score at the fiftieth-percentile or greater is recommended.

How do I apply for the program?


See application section under the Coordinated Masters Program

Application Deadlines:
Division of Nutrition: February 15

How many students are accepted into the program?


15 students are accepted per year. Approximately 60 applications are received each year.

Sports Nutrition

Approximately 6-8 students are accepted per year.

Is it possible to begin one of the programs in January (spring semester) instead of August (fall semester)?

No. Applications are only accepted by the deadlines outlined above with an August start.

Can I take classes before I am accepted into the program (non-matriculated)?

Yes. Typically students are asked to discuss this on an individual basis with the advisor of the program or possible mentor. A maximum of six graduate credits (for the CMP program) or up to nine (for the Sports Nutrition concentration) can be transferred into the program. Our advisor is available for questions at Jean.zancanella@health.utah.edu

Can I take prerequisites during the graduate program?

No. All classes must be completed prior to the start of the program.

What types of sites are available to complete supervised practice hours in the Sports Nutrition Concentration?

Please see Clinical Settings on our website.

Who can I contact for academic advising and further questions?

For questions related specifically to the Coordinated Master's Program, please contact Jean Zancanella, Academic Advisor, at 801-581-5280 or jean.zancanella@health.utah.edu. For the Sports Nutrition concentration, contact Stacie Wing-Gaia, PhD, RD, CSSD at 801-585-9623 or stacie.wing@health.utah.edu.

Contact Us

Coordinated Master’s Degree Program in Dietetics

Carisse Winegar 
Administrative Assistant-Academic Affairs
Phone: 801-581-6730
Email: Carisse.Winegar@hsc.utah.edu

Jean Zancanella, MS, RD
Graduate Advisor
Phone: 801-581-5280
Email: jean.zancanella@hsc.utah.edu