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Clinical Voice Studies Lab


Clinical Voice Studies Lab

The Clinical Voice Studies Lab focuses on the evaluation and treatment of voice and related issues. Located in the University of Utah Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic, our research investigates client-centered evaluation methods and treatment modalities in gender-affirming voice care and Parkinson's related voice problems.

About the Lab

The Clinical Voice Studies Lab serves on the Transgender Health Program at University of Utah Health to improve quality health care in a trans-affirmative environment. We are also Utah's SPEAK OUT! Therapy and Research Center for individuals diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. As such, we are interested in optimizing treatment techniques for patients with Parkinson's related voice problems.

Myers works with a graduate student in the Gender-Affirming Voice Clinic

Contact Us

Brett Myers, PhD, CCC-SLP

Associate Professor (Clinical), Lab Coordinator

Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic

417 Wakara Way
Salt Lake City, Utah 84108


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