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SLP MS Program Overview


The Master of Science (MS) degree in speech-language pathology is an intensive program, normally involving a minimum of 5 semesters (one year, nine months) of study and full-time clinical practicum training. A total of 55 credit hours are required, of which 36 are didactic and 19 are clinical experiences. For additional information, see the Graduate Information section of the University Catalog.


  • ASHA certification in speech-language pathology or audiology requires specific graduate course work and clinical experiences. The Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders is an accredited program and and we meet ASHA requirements for certification.
  • All courses listed in the Graduate Course Outline are required.
  • Students must pass a final exam that covers breadth and integration of material in the field.
  • For specific state and national certification requirements, contact the department office.

Clinic Options

    • University of Utah Health's Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic is a full-time community clinic. The clinic operates from the first to last day of each semester, including finals week. The clinic is not closed during fall break and spring break and student clinicians are expected to see their clients during those times.
    • Clients are typically scheduled between 8:00 am to 5:30 pm on Mondays through Fridays.
    • Clinic schedules are determined by the Clinic Director, according to client needs.
    • Unavailability to meet with clients at necessary times may necessitate scheduling clinic in additional semesters and may delay one’s externships and graduation.
    • Students must provide proof of compliance with the University of Utah Health immunization requirements for health care workers.
    • Two externships are required (more may be completed if desired).
    • All students are required to complete one of their externships in a public or private school setting.
    • The second externship may be completed in a setting of student’s choice based on clinical areas of interest and clinical training needs. Most students complete their second externship in an inpatient or outpatient medical facility.
    • Minimum requirements for each of the two required externships are:
      • Ten weeks in duration
      • At least 4 full days per week on site.
    • Specific externship sites may have additional time requirements.
    • Externships are completed during the second spring semester (fifth and final semester) of the graduate program.
    • Prior to beginning externships, students must complete a minimum of 150 clock hours in the department clinics and receive approval of Clinic Director.
    • Students must provide up-to-date proof of compliance with the University of Utah Health immunization requirements for health care workers. Additional immunization and other requirements may be mandated by the external clinical sites.

    Thesis Option

    • The thesis option requires research experience. Clinical experience is also required for certification by the ASHA.
    • Register for thesis credit (CSD 6970) in the semester in which the thesis is defended and one additional semester; register for a total of 6 credits over the course of your master's program.
    • Work on thesis is encouraged prior to registration for credit.
    • Students may be allowed to substitute two required courses (up to 6 credits) for the six thesis credits. The specific courses being substituted MUST be chosen in consultation with the student's thesis committee. Please refer to the "SLP Course Sequence" document for more information.

    Questions about the program?

    Robert Kraemer, PHD, CCC-SLP

    SLP Program Director

    Leigh Ann Benevides

    Program Information Coordinator