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The Four Year Plan

The following proposed program of study should allow students to complete their Bachelor’s Degree in Speech and Hearing Science (SPHS) in 4 academic years.  Students should plan to take a minimum of 15 credit hours per semester, completing most of their lower division general education requirements during the first two years to equal approximately 60 credits of course work.

I. General Education Requirements

The lower division general education requirements include:

  • 2 math courses (QA & QB)
  • 2 fine arts (FF)
  • 2 humanities (HF)
  • 2 science courses (2 SF or 1 SF and 1 AS)
  • 1 American Institutions (AI)
  • Lower division writing requirement (WR2)

Students will need to supplement these requiremens with other elective courses in order to meet the 60 credits by the end of their 2nd year.

II. Required Allied Sciences

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) requires students pursuing certification to complete the following 3 courses within the student’s first 2 years of school, which can qualify as general education courses as well:

  • 1 social/behavioral science [PSY, SOC, FCS, ANTH, GNDR]
  • 1 physical science course [PHYS, CHEM]
  • 1 biological science course [BIO]

In addition to these lower division requirements, the following requirements must be completed in order for students to complete the University of Utah’s Bachelor’s degree requirements:

  • 1 communicative writing course (CW). Note: this requirement is met with CSD 4700 Research Methods and Professional Writing
  • 1 diversity course (DV). Note: this requirement can be met with the departmental elective CSD 4600 Diverse Populations with Communication Needs
  • 1 international course (IR)
  • 2 quantitative intensive reasoning courses (QI). This requirement applies to BOTH the BS and BA SPHS degrees. CSD 4700 Research Methods in Communication Sciences and Disorders and the statistics course requirement (see below) meet this requirement.
  • 4 semesters of a foreign language. This requirement applies ONLY to the BA SPHS degree.

III. Required Core Coursework

The CSD major consists of 18 CSD courses (including 3 lab sections and 1 departmental elective). Students are also required to complete 1 upper division QI statistics outside of the department [selected from FCS 3210, PSY 3000, or SOC 3112]. Three courses CSD 1010: Introduction to Speech Language Pathology and Audiology, CSD 2200 Physics of Speech and Hearing, and CSD 2201 Physics of Speech and Hearing Lab should be completed during the student's freshman and sophomore years. The remaining courses should be completed during the student's junior and senior years. Students should supplement their CSD credit hours with electives or upper division general education courses to meet credit requirements.

IV. Clinical Observations

Students in the CSD program must complete 25 clinical observation hours over the course of their program of study, which must be recorded on the Guided Clinical Observation Documentation Log. For most students, their completed forms will be collected in CSD 5400 clinical Methods and Professional Writing.

Please note that this plan does not include summer semesters. Credit hours per semester can be lighter if courses are taken in the summer. Courses offered during the summer semester vary each year; students should check with the department undergraduate advisor for updates.

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Disclaimer: We attempt to keep the information on the webpage current and accurate; however, students should always contact a departmental advisor to confirm that the plans they are making reflect the most current information.