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SLP Course Sequence

Implementation Guidelines

We've created a guide to help you plan your masters. If you have any questions please contact our advisors or director. 

Non-thesis Option

  • All listed courses are required.

Thesis Option1

  • Register for thesis credit (CSD 6970) in the semester in which the thesis is defended and one additional semester; register for a total of 6 credits over the masters program.
  • Students may be allowed to substitute 6 credits of course work for the 6 thesis credits. The specific courses being substituted MUST be chosen in consultation with the student’s thesis committee.
  • Work on thesis is encouraged prior to registration for credit.
  • Students must be registered for at least 3 thesis credits in the semester in which the thesis is defended (including summer.)


  • University of Utah Health's Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic is a full-time community clinic as well as a clinical training site. The clinic operates from the first to last day of each semester, including finals week. Note: The clinic is not closed during fall and spring breaks, and student clinicians are expected to see their clients during those times.
  • Clients are scheduled between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm on Mondays through Fridays.
  • Specific times will be determined by the clinic director, according to client needs.
  • Unavailability to meet with clients at necessary times may prolong a student’s program including delaying externship assignments and graduation.

Clinical Externships

  • Two externships are required (more may be completed if desired).
  • All students are required to complete one of their externships in a public or private school setting.
  • The second externship may be completed in a setting of student’s choice based on clinical areas of interest and clinical training needs. Most students complete their second externship in an inpatient or outpatient medical facility.
  • Minimum requirements for each of the two required externships are:
    1. Ten weeks in duration
    2. At least 4 full days per week on site.
  • Specific externship sites may have additional time requirements.
  • Externships are completed during the second spring semester (fifth and final semester) of the graduate program.
  • Prior to beginning externships, students must complete a minimum of 150 clock hours in the department clinics and receive approval of Clinic Director.

Sequence of SLP Masters Program (2 Year)

Course Credits

Fall: 1st Year

CSD 6210 Articulation & Phonology 3
CSD 6330 Dev. Lang. Dis. In Young Children 3
CSD 7350 Aphasia 3
CSD 7010 L & L Dis. in School-Age Children 3
CSD 6710 Clinic Practicum 1
  Total Credits 13

Spring: 1st Year

CSD 6220 Voice Disorders 3
CSD 6230 Fluency Disorders 2
CSD 6340 Autism Spectrum Disorders 2
CSD 7930 Scientific Inquiry in SLP 3
CSD 6710 Clinic Practicum 3
CSD 6970 Thesis1 3
  Total Credits 13

Summer: 1st Year

CSD 6410 Dual Language Learners: Assessment & Interpreter Practices 2
CSD 6830 Counseling in CSD 1
CSD 6800 Summer Seminar Series 1
CSD 7410 Cognitive-Communication Disorders 3
CSD 7700 Advanced Clinic Practicum 3
CSD 6970 Thesis1 31
  Total Credits 9

Fall: 2nd year

CSD 6400 AAC 2
CSD 7250 Motor Speech Disorders 3
CSD 7430 Cleft Palate & Craniofacial Dis 2
CSD 7700 Advanced Clinic Practicum 1
CSD 7832 Swallowing Disorders/ Med Management Issues 3
CSD 6970 Thesis1 31
  Total Credits 11

Spring: 2nd year

CSD 6720 Audiology Clinic Practicum     2
CSD 7710 Externship     7
CSD 6970 Thesis1     31
  Total Credits 9

Summer: 2nd year

CSD 7710 Externship Continued (do not register) Credit
                Total Required Graduate Credit Hours   55