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Elective Options

Elective offerings may change every semester. To view the current offerings, go to the Student Catalog. Click on the appropriate term. Then click on "Other Course Attributes"; select "Online." Electives must be 6000 or 7000 level courses. Students are recommended to consult with the advisor, capstone chair or the OTD Program Director regarding elective selection.

Students may not use an elective to finish the capstone project.

Course # Course Title Fall Spring Summer
ANTH 6255 Race and Culture X   X
CTLE 6000 Teaching in Higher Ed   X  
CTLE 6510 Cyber Pedagogy X X  
CTLE 6520 Advanced Cyber Pedagogy   X  
CTLE 6590 Directed Readings in Higher Education      
ED PS 6060 Forgiveness and Anger Reduction X X X
ED PS 6061 Change Using Positive Psychology X X X
ED PS 6062 Coping with Difficult People   X X
ED PS 6063 Enhancing happiness and Life Satisfaction X X X
ED PS 6064 Resilience & Divorce   X  
ED PS 6065 Quality Intimate Relationships X X X
ED PS 6066 Growing from Traumatic Life Experiences X   X
ED PS 6067 Overcoming Self-Defeating Behavior      
ED PS 6068 Mediation: Expanding Awareness and Managing Stress X X X
ED PS 6069 Change Addictive Thinking X X  
ED PS 6070 Changing Children's Behavior Using Positive Methods X    
ED PS 6071 Improve Midlife Well-Being X X  
ED PS 6074 Developing a Healthy Body Image      
GERON 6001 Intro to Gerontology X X X
GERON 6002 Services and Programs for Older Adults   X  
GERON 6050 Best Practices in Geriatrics   X  
GERON 6230 Successful Cognitive and Emotional Aging X    
GERON 6240 Aging and the Arts   X  
GERON 6280 International Dimensions of Lifelong Learning     X
GERON 6320 Death, Dying, Bereavement     X
GERON 6370 Health & Optimal Aging     X
GERON 6390 Care Management: Clinical Issues   X  
GERON 6392 Care Management: Legal, Financial, & Business Issues X    
GERON 6500 Social and Public Policy in Aging     X
GERON 6604 Physiology and Psychology of Aging X    
GERON 6960 Special Topics (check schedule for topics)      
H EDU 6020 Body Image and Eating Disorders in Special Populations   X  
H EDU 6120 Behavior Changing Tech X    
H EDU 6200 Theory & Habit Tech   X X
H EDU 6220 Intro Android App X X X
NURS 6002 Health Care Delivery X    
NURS 6004 Intro to Information & Information Technology X    
NURS 6060 US Health Care     X
NURS 6072 Learners and Learner-Centered Teaching     X
NURS 6604 Advanced Physiology and Psychology of Aging X    
NURS 6772 Quality Improvement in Healthcare X X X
NURS 7510 Social Determinants of Health   X X
OC TH 6712 Management Concepts in Occupational Therapy (required for BS to OTD students) X    
OC TH 7902 Independent Study X X X
PADMIN 6323 Policy Analysis   X X
PSY 6250 Applied Statistics (required for BS to OTD)   X  
SP ED 6960 Special Topics (check schedule for topics) X X X
SW 6520 Issues in Women's Health X    
SW 6621 Special Topics (check schedule for topics) X X X