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Occupational Therapy & Recreational Therapy Research

Current faculty projects

Technology-based recreation

(R. Nelson)

  • Virtual reality usability for clinicians and clients
  • Multisensory environments and interventions for rehabilitation and health promotion
  • Video journaling as a treatment modality
  • Therapeutic use of robotic pets with older adults

Neurological conditions

(L. Richards, A. Terrill, M. Zahl)

  • Feasibility of adaptive recreation as cost effective rehabilitation intervention for spinal cord injury
  • Non-pharmacological treatment options for improving health and well-being for individuals with neurological conditions
  • Positive psychology interventions for couples coping with neurological conditions
  • Understanding changes in relationships after neurological injury
  • Health interventions and app development
  • Neurorehabilitation interventions for post-stroke motor impairments and unilateral neglect

Autism spectrum

(A. Kirby, L. Richards)

  • Supporting the transition to adulthood for youth and families
  • Understanding suicide risks and prevention
  • Improving oral health for children with ASD and hyper-responsivity