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Pricing Information

For appointments, please contact:

  • Bo Foreman
  • 801-581-3496
Service Price
Motion Analysis System with 10 Digital Cameras (Lower Limb Kinematics/Kinetics) $300
Motion Analysis System with 10 Digital Cameras (Whole Body Kinematics, Center of Mass, GRF) $400
Instrumented Treadmill with 2 Force Plates $250
EMG System with 4 Electrodes $100
(Additional Electrodes) $10/each
Staircase (Ascending/Descending) $300
Force Plate (Center of Pressure Analysis) $150
Prices listed above is for one 2-hour experiment with one subject. Additional $50 will be charged per hour after the 2-hour experiment
Personnel Price
System Preparation Personnel $50/hour/person
Data Analysis Personnel $70/hour/person
Data Interpretation/Data Dissemination $70/hour/person
Computer Programming Personnel $70/hour/person

Contact Us

Bo Foreman, PT, PhD

Phone: 801-581-3496 Email:

Mailing address Motion Analysis Core Facility 520 Wakara Way Rm 106 Salt Lake City, UT 84108