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Health and Kinesiology Petition

Health and Kinesiology Petition please follow the steps 1-3

 For KINES, ESSF, H EDU courses, or health-related elective requirements


Step 1

Start an email from your University UMail account and add the following recipients:      

Step 2

Attach the course syllabus to the email as a PDF file

Step 3

Provide all of the following information in the body of the email and send:

  • Full Name
  • UID Number
  • Major
  • Major Advisor’s Name
  • Requirement or Course Equivalent you are petitioning for in a few sentences
  • Transfer Course, number, & total amount of credits
  • College/University where the course was taken

Have Questions?

Set up an appointment with academic advisor to discuss your questions.

Petition Resources in Other Departments

Nutrition & Integrative Physiology Department

NUIP Minor Students: Send syllabi & explanation of what requirement the course fulfills to and cc your academic advisor.