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Program and Resident Goals and Objectives

Program Mission, Goals, and Objectives

The Utah Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency Program mission statement, goals, and objectives are compatible with neurologic clinical practice and with the sponsoring institutions, University of Utah and University of Utah Health. The Program seeks residents and mentors who support the mission and goals. 

The mission of the Utah Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency Program is to provide qualified physical therapists advanced knowledge and clinical skill in the management of individuals with neurologic impairments. 

The Goals of the Utah Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency Program include the following:

  1. Provide evidence-guided education of residents to support the missions of the sponsoring organizations.
  2. Maintain ABPTRFE accreditation.
  3. Provide residents with high quality, advance clinical and professional development opporutnities in the management of individuals with neurologic impairments.
  4. The program is sustainable.
  5. Graduates demonstrate proficiency in knowledge and skill required for specialist neurologic clinical practice.


Consistent with our 4 areas of focus within the program, the Utah Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency Program has the following 4 goals and associated objectives for the resident:  

1. Acquire the knowledge and skills of a board certified specialist in neurologic PT:

  • Graduates will pass the ABPTS Neurologic Clinical Specialist Certification Examination

2.  Demonstrate effective, evidence-based teaching of neurologic physical therapy:

  • Become a clinical instructor
  • Demonstrate ability to educate patients and caregivers effectively
  • Educate peers (including presenting at conferences, journal clubs, and in-services)

3. Demonstrate professionalism:

  • Seek opportunities for participating in and conducting research
  • Seek to facilitate relationships with mentors and mentees
  • Seek to engage in and aid in development in community outreach programs
  • Seek to get involved in the professional organization, by attending national, state, and local meetings and by participating in national, state, and local committees 

4. Practice advanced neurologic physical therapy care across the continuum of care supporting the APTA vision statement for promoting optimal movement:

  • Be a leader in using objective measures to drive the goals and functional outcomes of patients for improving quality of practice.
  • Demonstrate the following characteristics:
    • notice the unexpected in clinical practice
    • is perceptive in discriminating features that do not fit a recognizable pattern
    • is clever
    • demonstrates intuitive problem recognition and intuitive situational responses and management

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