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Aaron Lowry

Aaron Lowry, PT, DPT

Academic Office Information

Dr. Aaron Lowry grew up in Northwest Washington, but moved to Utah 20 years ago to ski while disguising himself as a college student. He graduated from BYU in 2003 with a degree in exercise science, then spent a couple of years building houses before he finally figured out what he wanted to be when he grew up and discovered how awesome physical therapy was. He graduated from the University of Utah physical therapy program in 2008, and since that time has worked primarily in inpatient rehabilitation on the spinal cord team. In addition to helping people be less paralyzed, he has his ATP certification and loves to geek out on wheelchairs.  When not at work, you can often find him ripping around town on his e-bike, doing some sort of ridiculous suffer-fest in the mountains or desert, doing kid stuff with his two daughters, or having deep, but pointless philosophical discussions. He is also a huge chess nerd and despite his best efforts, still speaks Spanish horribly. But he really tries. Someday when his back has had enough of transferring people, he wants become a full time pirate and sail around the world, literally. 

Dr. Lowry has mentored dozens of PT students as clinical instructor and has been a part of the residency program since its inception. He sincerely loves SCI rehab and taking part in passing along his weird, esoteric collection of SCI knowledge to the next generation of therapists, as well as the inevitable learning that happens every step of the way.

Education History