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What you need to transfer from another Doctor of Physical Therapy program

Physical therapy students from other institutions requesting permission to transfer into the Doctor of Physical Therapy program in the Department of Physical Therapy and Athletic Training, College of Health, at the University of Utah must submit the documents listed below.  The Department Admissions Committee will review the submitted documents and the student must be willing to accept the decision of the committee.  The decision may or may not allow the student to waive some already completed coursework.


  1. Official transcripts from all institutions of higher education attended.  This is important in order to allow verification of grades for this program’s pre-requisite courses and to confirm that the student has a bachelor’s degree.
  2. Official transcript that includes courses completed in the student’s present physical therapy program. (We realize this/these transcript(s) may be included on the above depending on the student’s college history.)
  3. A letter from the student:
    1. Officially asking for consideration of a transfer;
    2. Clearly stating the reason for the transfer;
    3. Stating which courses are completed and which are currently being taken (or will be taken); and,
    4. Granting this program permission to contact the student’s program Chair and faculty in order to inquire about the student’s status in that program.
  4. A letter from the Chair of the student’s present program stating his/her knowledge of the student’s performance and status in the program. This letter must be on official program letterhead and signed by the program Chair.
  5. A copy of the student’s program curriculum (including course descriptions). This is necessary for our Admissions Committee to compare what has been completed, what might need to be retaken, and what might be considered for waiver. It must be understood that it may not be possible to waive any or all of the completed courses.

Confirmation When Submitting Documents

The student will be informed when all of the above has been received.  Once received, a meeting of the Admissions Committee will be convened to formally review the student’s material and consider the request.  The student may be requested to participate in either a personal or a telephone interview session. The student will be contacted as soon as a decision has been reached.