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What You Need to Know Before You Apply

We've compiled a list of courses and what you need before you apply. We've included deadlines and important dates with the list of classes. Information can change, so meet with an advisor on a regular basis, at least once a year. 

PTCAS Application Deadline

Thursday, October 1, 2022

Course Prerequisites

Applicants must complete all prerequisite requirements to be admitted. This information is subject to change without written notice or obligation. 

  • All coursework must be taken for a letter grade*. Any coursework with a grade below C will not be considered toward fulfillment of the program's prerequisites. C minus is NOT acceptable.
  • If a course is repeated, the Physical Therapy Department will calculate the highest grade achieved in the course when calculating the Prerequisite GPA on your PTCAS application.

The following courses must be completed and graded prior to submitting your PTCAS application. These courses must be taken within 7 years from the date of application. No exceptions will be made:

  • Human Anatomy with lab - one course with lab. Mammalian or vertebrate anatomy will not fulfill this requirement.
  • Human Physiology - one course; lab not required but strongly recommended. Mammalian or vertebrate physiology will not fulfill this requirement.
  • Physics series with associated labs- one year series of physics.
  • Chemistry series with associated labs- one year series of chemistry.

In addition to the previously mentioned prerequisites, the following courses must be completed. Only two of the following courses can be in progress or planned for completion by mid-May prior to starting the DPT program.

  • Exercise Physiology with lab- one course taken in the past 7 years from date of application
  • Trigonometry OR Calculus OR Pre-Calculus - one course taken in the past 10 years from date of application. (An AP test score of 4 or higher in Trigonometry or calculus can fulfill this requirement; your score must be viewable on your application)
  • General Psychology - (AP NOT ACCEPTED) one course within 10 years from date of application. An additional psychology course may be used in lieu of general psychology
  • Additional Psychology- one course within 10 years from the date of application. Must be taken through a Psych department. ESS/Kinesiology Sports Psychology courses will NOT meet this requirement.
  • Statistics -(AP NOT ACCEPTED) one course taken in the past 10 years from date of application; NOT an introductory course. Statistics course must cover ANOVA (analysis of variation), correlation, and regression testing. (Please submit course description and syllabus if you have questions to

All prerequisite coursework must be completed by the end of spring semester, prior to the start of the DPT program (Summer Semester; mid-May). 

*Applicants will not be penalized for Pass/Fail or Credit/No-Credit marks on their transcripts in any classes taken Spring 2020 and Summer 2020. 


Check the list of prerequisite courses (articulations) from other Utah institutions that satisfy University of Utah DPT program requirements. Download a list of courses at area institutions. 

Other Application Requirements

Physical Therapy Observation Hours

As a part of the PTCAS application, students record their observation hours under a licensed clinical physical therapist (PT). PTCAS will then contact the PT for verification. We suggest a minimum of 100 hours, however competitive applicants have completed upwards of 250+ hours.

Letters of Recommendation

As part of the PTCAS application, students are required to submit three letters of recommendation. We require one from a licensed physical therapist, one from an academic instructor, and one from an employer/co-worker/supervisor. Students will submit the contact information for their references into PTCAS. PTCAS will then contact references to fill out the letter of recommendation form. Students SHOULD NOT submit letters of recommendation directly into PTCAS.


If English is not the first language, applicants must take either the TOEFL or the IELTS, to determine English proficiency. On the TOEFL, students must achieve a score of at least 90 Internet based, 575 if paper based. On the IELTS, students must achieve a score of at least 7.0. For information visit the admission's office page.

Advisor Information

Email your specific questions or concerns to (Residential) OR (Hybrid). Sending an email will guarantee the fastest response time. 

Students needing general university advising for general education or bachelor degree requirements should contact University College at 801-581-5146 or visit their website.