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Prerequisite Courses for the Master of Athletic Training

Certain classes, approvals, and clinical observation hours are required before seeking admission to the Master's of Athletic Training program. There are additional classes that are not required but strongly recommended.

Prerequisites Policies

  • C or better in all prerequisite courses
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • All classes at the post-secondary level
  • (No GRE required)

Prerequisite Courses

  • Biology - 1 semester
  • Chemistry and Lab -1 semester
  • Physics and Lab - 1 semester
  • Human Anatomy and Lab - 1 semester
  • Human Physiology - 1 semester
    • * If Human Anatomy and Physiology are combined, must take year series. 
  • Statistics - 1 semester
  • Biomechanics - 1 semester
  • Exercise Physiology - 1 semester
  • Nutrition - 1 semester
  • Psychology - 1 semester 

Must have 7 out of 10 courses completed at the time the application is submitted. All course must be completed before entering the Master of Athletic Training Program. Human anatomy and lab and human physiology must be completed with a final grade at the time of the application. 

Prerequisite Courses Equivalent for University of Utah and Other Universities 

Clinical Observation Hours

  • Minimum of 50 hours with a certified athletic trainer (ATC).

Clinical Observation Hours Form (PDF) 

Pre-Approval of Prerequisite Courses

All prerequisite courses will be checked during the application process. If you want to ensure that your courses meet the prerequisite requirements, you can complete the Prerequisite Pre-Approval form. Please do not complete this form for general courses, but special cases to ensure if your course qualifies.

Prerequisite Pre-Approval Form (PDF)

Email the form and course syllabi to Justin Rigby, AT Program Director, at The form will be reviewed by the application committee.

Preferred Courses

Preferred courses, but not prerequisites. (These courses will not be required during the application process nor will they be counted toward your prerequisite GPA. However, these courses will give you a better background for material covered in the MSAT.)

  • Medical terminology - 1 semester
  • Introduction to Sports Medicine or Athletic Training - 1 semester
  • Physics with Lab - 2nd semester, making it a 1-year series
  • Upper Division Psychology