PRT Minor

How to Minor in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism (PRT)

  1. Consult with an undergraduate advisor.
  2. Select a minimum of 18 credit hours. (See Required Courses below.)
  3. Download the tracking sheet (pdf)
    1. List the course number and name, as well as the semester and year you plan to take the courses in the space provided.
    2. Secure the signature of the advisor.
    3. Make a copy of the sheet for your records and leave a copy with the academic advisor.
  4. Periodically schedule an appointment with the advisor in order to fill in the grades for each course passed and to discuss your progress.
  5. When you apply for graduation, be sure to indicate your minor.

Required Courses

Course #Course NameCredits
Select one of the following:
PRT 1110 Leisure in Your Life 3
PRT 3100 Foundations of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism 3
Sub-Total 3
Select one of the following:
PRT 3310 Leisure Behavior and Human Diversity 3
PRT 3320 Programming and Leadership 4
PRT 3207 PRT Management 3
Sub-Total 3-4
Select 12 upper division credit hours from approved courses in ONE emphasis area:
Commercial, Community, and Sport Management
Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality Management
Outdoor Recreation Studies
Sub-Total 12
Total 18-19

Undergraduate Advising

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