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What is the class like? Do I need a textbook or supplies?

When does the class meet?

  • The class meets 2-3 times a week, typically for 4-5 hours in each meeting. Class meeting times vary from mid-morning to early evening depending on which section of the course you choose.
  • The class runs 3 different times throughout the year - spring, summer, and fall. To see the specific dates, check the University calendar at, and select the semester you are interested in.

What is the format of the class?

  • There are two different class formats - Flipped and live. The flipped course uses Canvas, an online learning portal, to deliver the lectures and then meets for skills practice. The live class meets for all lectures and skills practice.

Do I need to bring or purchase any of my own supplies?

  • You will be required to purchase a Student t-shirt for $10.
  • It is encouraged that you purchase and bring your own Stethoscope and blood pressure cuff.

Do I need to purchase a textbook or is one provided?

  • You are responsible for buying your own textbook. The text that is used is: Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured, 11th edition. Published by Jones and Bartlett, ISBN: 9781284106909

How do I register for the class? What do I need to do before I take this class?

Do I have to take the class for University credit?

  • No, you may choose to take the course for certification only. For the non-credit, certification only class, you will register for H EDU 9.

What is the course number for this class and how do I register for it?

  • This course is listed as H EDU 5950 (for college credit) and H EDU 9 (for no college credit).
  • To register for this course, determine if you would like college credit or not. Then go to, Click on the semester you are interested in under class schedule, select HEDU under the alphabetical list, and then scroll until you see the correct course number of 9 (no credit) or 5950 (credit).

What are the prerequisites for the EMT class?

  • By the end of the second week of class, you must have a current BLS provider CPR card and you will need to be current on immunizations (MMR, TDaP and HepB).

Does the University offer BLS provider CPR classes?

  • Yes, We do offer Healthcare provider CPR classes each month with classes designed specifically for EMT students during the first two weeks of class. You can see our schedule for CPR classes here.

Are there any clinical requirements?

  • Each student is required to attend and participate in 10 hours of clinical time. This is set up through the class and may have specific requirements based on the participating agencies (drug testing, agency orientation, etc.).

What is the cost of taking this class through the University of Utah?

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