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CPR and First Aid classes

The Center for Emergency Programs offers CPR and First Aid training to individuals and the community. Course descriptions, registration/scheduling, and pricing can be found below.

BLS/CPR Training for Individuals

Heartcode BLS Provider CPR Skills Session

The Heartcode BLS provider CPR skills session is the skills session associated with the American Heart Association's Heartcode BLS provider CPR hybrid course. It is taught online through the American Heart Association with a skills session taught through the Center for Emergency Programs. You must register for and complete both sections to receive a certification card. This course meets the prerequisite for EMT courses.


To register for and see the cost of the Heartcode BLS provider course visit the American Heart Association and select Heartcode BLS. 

To register for the skills session visit Umarket and select CPR courses from the left hand menu. You may then pick the day you wish to attend. The skills session cost is $35.00.

Cancellation Policy

CPR classes must have a minimum enrollment of 3 students in order to be held. Each class can hold a maximum of ten students.

$10.00 administration fee will apply for any cancellations up to 24-hours before the class. Less than 24 hour cancellation or 'no shows' will not receive reimbursement.

Heartcode Health Care Provider skills session: $35.00

Classes begin promptly at 9am unless otherwise noted. All Classes will meet in the Stewart Building room 113 unless otherwise noted. 

May 9th

May 16th: This course is for Summer semester Currently enrolled EMT students at the University of Utah. Class will begin at 10am.

June 13th

July 18th

Contract and Community Courses

Specific questions and request

For more information and questions about scheduling and registration, please call 801-581-4512 or email All courses can be tailored to some degree to meet the needs of your group or buisness. We also are able to present specific topics by requests. 

Training courses offered to groups and businesses

Introduction – 45-60 minutes

This class specifically covers recognizing cardiac arrest, starting Compression Only Adult CPR, and activating 911. This class includes very little skills practice but students leave knowing how to do Adult CPR and use an AED. The limit per class is 60 people.

Basic – What to do until the ambulance arrives. 2 hours

This class covers quick patient assessment, getting help, compressions-only CPR, AED, care of airway, breathing, circulation, bleeding, shock and spinal injuries until Emergency Responders arrive.The limit per class is 20 people. 

Mid-Range (most popular) 4 hours

This class covers everything in the basic class but in more depth and includes more skills practice. It also expands into common medical emergencies such as diabetes, drug overdose, heart attack and others. The limit per class is 20 people.

Most in-depth (appropriate for higher risk settings such as construction) 8 hours

This class expands on the mid-range class in both depth and breadth. It provides the most skills practice and tailoring to your setting such as heat and cold emergencies, bites & stings, trauma.The limit per class is 20 people.

Healthcare Provider/BLS – 4 hours

This class provides the AHA certification required for most clinical settings. It includes adult, child and infant, one and two rescuer CPR, AED and use of rescue breathing masks. Some content can be tailored to meet your clinical protocols. The limit per class is 20 people.


To get more information on holding an EMT course for your group or business, please email or call 801-581-4512.

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