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Minor in Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) encompasses the field of Workplace Accidents, Illnesses, and Injury Prevention. OSH is a rewarding career because of the ability to meaningfully help people at work while applying principles of prevention and science. OSH is needed in every workplace and within all environments.


Occupational Safety and Health Minor in the College of Health

The OSH minor at the University if Utah is a unique minor in that it is needed within all work environments and can be applied to your chosen major in unique ways to make you more valuable as an employee in your chosen workplace. A few of the areas covered in these courses are risk assessment and management, workplace hazard recognition, workplace health exposures, ergonomics and human factors, job design, noise and injury prevention, along with other job-related safety and health concerns.


Why Choose the OSH minor

Scholarships and paid internships are available!

The job market for OSH is plentiful with a very positive  future need for graduates that includes many rewarding jobs. The type of OSH work varies from industry to industry with each OSH career application differing from job to job, e.g., safety in construction is considerably different than safety in manufacturing, petrochemicals, or engineering. An OSH minor facilitates easy changes in careers that are quite interesting but without the requirement to obtain another degree!


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