First Aid


Basic First Aid

This course covers airway management, rescue breathing, and one-rescuer CPR for adult, child and infant victims. It includes first aid for common injuries and illnesses as well as patient assessment.

This is an excellent class for those wanting to know how to treat victims for a few minutes until an ambulance arrives. This course is offered to groups, buisness, or organizations. For more information on teh types of classes offered click here. 

First Aid and CPR ( H EDU 2000)

This course teaches first aid skills that are applicable to accidents, injuries and illnesses seen commonly at home, work, recreation, or while traveling. CPR is included. Certificates in first aid and adult, child, and infant CPR, and AED are awarded upon successful completion of this course.

This class is excellent for people who work or spend time in rural or remote areas or in higher risk activities, or are responsible for the health and safety of groups.

Because of the two year certification period with our first aid classes, we do not offer challenge courses. To renew certification in class you will need to retake the class. 


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